Playing Communication Tag

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Capt’n’s Log – July 27, 2019: We are playing communication tag. Whoo hooo

A few days later… It is now 27 of July, and we are still at it going back and forth.

Luckily, I did notice that last email (obviously because the subject line was different from all the other subject lines of our leads that keep streaming in). On this day we have several back and forth email communication going on:


I am guessing it is a bit complicated following the emails as you kinda have to start from the bottom of each screen captured email and read up. But you are all so smart and sexy. I am sure you can manage this task. Proud of you!

But to help out a bit let me recap. The last time she wrote before today she was asking us if we were still interested in her property. That said…

My Response:

And then:

Nothing else happend today. Till the next time my lil muffins!

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