If I Hadn't Shown Proof, No One Would Believe It

The goal of any digital marketing /SEO company is to rank you #1, and this usually is where their services end, and not without reason. Unless they are flipping houses, negotiating contracts, wholesaling contracts, dealing with seller objections and their pain-points, they don't know how to get ACTUALLY motivated sellers, let alone convert traffic into leads. Stop spending money relying on other companies to get you (mediocre) leads. Don't you think it is time to take your lead generation into your OWN hands?

Our Students Don't Just Rank,


Rise above the noise. Be where the motivated sellers are, at the top of the Google search results. There is where you (and everyone else want to be). There is no winging this. This is a proven system that gets you there the most reliable way.

Numbers Are Great,

Excited Students Are Even Better

Ranking your motivated seller website #1 on Google is great, but if no one fills in the form it is completely useless. Ranking #1 gets you traffic, NOT leads! You still need to convert that inbound traffic into leads. Uhm… like so:

The biggest difference between a lead, and a motivated seller lead, is the closing rate. Generating motivated seller leads will have the result of you closing more deals, with less effort, and higher profit margins just like my students below:

For Pete's sake stop asking how much work it takes. Stop telling me you have no time. Stop convincing yourself it is better for someone else to provide you with leads. How dense are you?!

Do you really want to rely on some "guy", "girl", "company" that resides in India, Buda-friggin-pest, Philippines, even the USA, to make you successful, to get you leads? You really want to depend on someone else, that no matter how you spin it, is more loyal to THEIR business than yours, to make you successful?

How do you even know what they are doing, and what it is they are doing actually is correct?! Do you know? But do you really? No reallllly?!

No (friggin duh), if there is ONE thing that needs to be done in-house, it is lead generation. It is the lifeline of your business. This is what will make or break you. This should be done in-house, ALWAYS. This is math, logic, common sense.

Anyone that does SEO or lead gen for 2, 3, 400 clients, simply has no time to uniquely and individually work your website, with your voice, your persona and your ideas and style to life successfully. Don't care how big their team is. NO friggin WAY!

So it all boils down to a simple fact:


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