Search Engine Optimization Is About People, NOT Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about People, NOT Google. Our secret (and the reason why we are 100% different than any and all digital marketing agencies) is that we never focus on what Google wants, we don’t care about ranking, and we don’t care about “traffic”. We focus on conversions! We have discovered that Google ranks the website that provides the most value #1. How does Google know which website provides the most value? Well, the website that generates the most leads is obviously the website that provided the most value to its users right? So we proposed a hypothesis.

“If we made sure our website converts traffic into leads, if our hypothesis is correct, we should always rank #1 no matter what keywords are used as long as the intention of that keyword is “selling their house”. 

So we set out to test that theory! Did it work? 

Helping Real Estate Investors Dominate Their Markets & Generate FREE Motivated Sellers Online

Not Just "Traffic", We Generate Motivated Traffic

Deals = Traffic + Conversion

Since We Want Very Motivated Free Traffic, We Can Simplify The Above Equation:


My name is Jerryll Noorden.

I am not like your typical Guru, posing in-front of a fancy car or a multi-million dollar mansion, kissing your ass, being politically correct, just to get an other sale/student. I am blunt, direct and all I care about is results, and reaching my goals. I am ridiculously competitive and I will destroy anyone in my way of my goals, and so should you!

I don’t give a flying rat’s ass how much money you make, or your willingness to buy my product. I am extremely picky who I choose to work with for a reason.

Plenty of times I get emails from new student prospects thinking they are some kind of special and demand special treatment because they are willing to buy my product. Think again! I have no time to bend over backwards just because you wave some dollar bills around!

You have seen our skills, you have seen our students destroying the competition. This is NOT JUST because we are damn friggin good at what we do (and we are), but this is also because our students work hard, they are hungry and they want it. They follow my teachings to the “t”, and they don’t argue or fight or resist when I tell them to change, or delete something on their sites. They read the documentation, watch the videos and schedule their evaluations with me.

It takes a special breed of students that are loyal, hard working, can put their egos aside and do the work. That is why, you see most of my students absolutely crushing the competition. Like I said, I am PICKY! This is not a marketing ploy or to create desire to join.

For Pete’s sake stop asking how much work it takes. Stop telling me you have no time. Stop convincing yourself it is better for someone else to provide you with leads. How dense are you?!

Do you not have time to be successful? You have no time to dominate your market? Right!

Do you really want to rely on some “guy”, “girl”, “company” that resides in India, Buda-friggin-pest, Philippines, even the USA, to make you successful, to get you leads? You really want to depend on someone else, that no matter how you spin it, is more loyal to THEIR business than yours, to make you successful?

How do you even know what they are doing, and what it is they are doing actually is correct?! Do you know? But do you really? No reallllly?!

No (friggin duh), if there is ONE thing that needs to be done in-house, it is lead generation. It is the lifeline of your business. This is what will make or break you. This should be done in-house, ALWAYS. This is math, logic, common sense.

It is the ACTUAL REASON why my students dominate. It is BECAUSE they do the work and not some “company”. NO ONE will take your success more seriously than YOU!!

Anyone that does SEO or lead gen for 2, 3, 400 clients, simply has no time to uniquely and individually work your website, with your voice, your persona and your ideas and style to life successfully. Don’t care how big their team is. NO friggin WAY!

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