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Our SEO Motto

"We Destroy Anyone In The Way Between Our Students And Their Rankings"

I am a viciously competitive guy and I will never settle for #2! I feel this way about my website, my business and my students. Anyone ranking other than #1 using my product doesn't sit well with me and this is why we go to great lengths to see all our students at the top of Google. Remember:

Ranking #2 = Ranking #LAST

Our Students

Our Students Usually Have Little To No SEO Or Computer Knowledge, Yet They Still Outrank Professional SEO Companies! How Is This Possible? Well Beyond Our Awesome Package Design and Easy To Understand Tutorials, Our Students Are Motivated Investors With Drive and Resilience That Want To Maximize Their Impact Online.

The Domination Team


Jerryll Noorden

Supreme Overlord

Jerryll is a former NASA, IHMC (Institute For Human And Machine Cognition) and IIT Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia (The Italian Institute Of Technology) scientist and engineer, building state of the art exoskeleton (think Ironman) and humanoid (think C-3PO) robotic systems to aid mankind. Jerryll holds B.S. Degrees in Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and M.S. Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management. Problem solving, reverse engineering, and simply “making things work” is second nature to him. Leave it to a Rocket Scientist to crack the Google Ranking Code huh!

Jessica Roman

Design Director / Operations Ninja

Jess is the definition of "Boss Woman." She is the gears of what keeps the company structured and running on the back end. Jess comes from a contractor background with a passion for design. She started flipping and designing houses in 2018 and is now doing what she loves most. In her free time, you will find her hanging with family or gardening with the Supreme Overlord.


Michael Mayo

Supreme Voice

Michael is the wizard of the company. He is the condiment that holds the buns of the company together. He has filled every role within the company. He is Jerryll's left hand man and knows the answers. Michael has had experience across a number of platforms working closely with the owners of multi-million dollar companies. In his spare time he travels and likes to work-out in an effort to beat Jerryll at something in life.

Rachel Daniel

Spam Director

Rachel takes care of all your support needs on the Monday boards. She says what she means and never minds what she says. Dedication to helping you learn all the geeky stuff you never thought you wanted to learn and pushing you through the program is her goal. If you cannot get in touch with Jerryll, she probably can't either. In her downtime, she rescues puppies from burning buildings and has a well-used passport.


Sarah Roman

The All Knowing

Sarah is the executive administrator. She addresses the needs of all areas in the company. She is Jess's right-hand little lady helping the company stay organized and function on the back end. In her downtime, you can find her with family, enjoying the outdoors and traveling.

David Sandoval

IT Prodigy / Just Jedi

David works closely with Jerryll's Team implementing user friendly experiences on and off the site. These creative content designs include interactive documents to better assist our students, motion graphics and animation for advertisment plus more. David comes from years of experience as a Server Specialist and Software Engineer, with a minor study in Mechanical Engineering. His favorite place to brainstorm is on the beach walking his Chocolate Lab named Obi. "Design, Develop, Dominate."

The Support Team

Gurkanver Brar

Project Manager / Grill Master

Poppin Programmer

"All I do is React.js to the good and bad of any project, but always make sure the Next.js step is the best. You can always catch me outside, by the grill and drinking sctotch with my pink out and holding down the gulag."



Support Team

Professional Googler, Wolf Enthusiast, Self Proclaimed Artist "If Google doesn't have the answer, I won't either"



Research & Development

Poppin Programmer

"One small step for man kind, one giant leap for me personally."



VA Support

Happy Virus

"Eat, work, watch anime, sleep - REPEAT."



Support Team

Always Responding, Web Wizard

"I can get you everything you need, if not it probably doesn't exist.."



Research & Development

Pristine Programmer, Next.js Guru

"Sometimes I'll start a program and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way."



Research & Development

Design Ninja

"Nothing is #000000 and #FFFFFF."

Honey Grace


VA Support

Queen Bee

"Gelato is sweet, and so am I!"



Support Team

Professional Helper, Branding Expert, Photoshop Moogle

"We make a difference because we're allowed to be happy at our job!"

"Chill kupo, we got dis."



VA Support

Grammar Geek

"Fueled by dark chocolate and vanilla yogurt."



VA Support

Internet Ninja

"What's your wish?"

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