How To Start Wholesaling

How To Get Your First Wholesale Paycheck Within Months Of Starting!

Hello everyone, and let me show you how to Get Your First Wholesale Paycheck! Caught your attention? Good! We are Jess and Jerryll. We run a successful Real Estate Investing Business under the Internet Name: “We Buy Houses In Connecticut“. Long ago when we first started we had no idea what we were doing. In fact we had no idea where to start. I know many of you are currently in the same position we were. How do I know? Because we too have struggled to find help from others and we came to find that many were on the same quest! Now that we have gone through it all and done it successfully, we decided to share our “diary” with you on how we actually got there. There is no better “How to Wholesale” out there because this is not just a how to wholesale successfully, and it was never meant to be about a how to. This was simply keeping up with a diary with everything we did, whether it worked or not. This is why we think there is nothing better out there. This is real unedited unscripted, a step by step recipe how to make your first wholesale deal from beginning to payday! There are a ton of gurus out there that swear that they had the answer on “how to start”. However, I bet like us, you still have difficulties on how-to-just-START!

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You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

Why Can’t I Just Start?

Why can’t I just start investing when there are so many how to’s out there? Is there a secret that I missed how to Get Your First Wholesale Paycheck? Fear not. We have been through it, and unlike all the gurus out there claiming they can teach you how to do it (and charge you for it), we don’t claim it, we simply wrote down exactly each step we took from “having no clue” to “our first successful deal”. Best thing is.. we do not charge you a cent. It is completely free. This is why this blog is so unique. It is an investor’s diary. It simply is our diary from day one. Having said that, you have to realize this is not some guide on how to make it. This is a recipe, how WE have gone from 0 to our first deal. This simply is the path we took. Then the last thing you should know is that these entries are old. We wrote them on our profile, hosted on a site called Biggerpockets. We are moving our blog to our website, domain name and our own hosting. This way we will always have full control over it. So keep in mind these entries were written long ago.  Which is what makes this blog so valuable. Each entry was written in that time frame when we were growing and learning. We didn’t know anything back then and with each entry in time we learned more. Hence, it is a diary of what we did to make it. To make this an even more more valuable experience, we will put comments in now that we know what we are doing. Basically you get feedback from a now more knowledgeable investor. We can then tell you what worked, what you probably should skip  and what you should do differently now that we know better). These comments will be in blue.