How Do I Rank 1 On Google Fast

I keep being asked: “How Do I Rank My Site #1 On Google?” We have indeed managed to rank our website high in the search results on Google, in record time. Search Engine Optimization Is obviously the reason, but many do not understand the inner workings of SEO. How Do I Rank 1 On Google Fast? Getting your site on the top 3 spots of Google takes some understanding of SEO, Patience and hard work. However, although hard, it is certainly not impossible, no matter who you are competing with!

The answer every guru will give you to the question: “How Do I Rank 1 On Google Fast?”.. is this:

Unique relevant content, and solid application of SEO rules. (don’t blast your keyword everywhere, backlinks,.. yada yada yada.) Yaaaaaaaawn!! This is exactly the same concept as giving a guy a fish instead of teaching him how to fish.

So let me give you a quick pointer on how to fish! Everyone knows Google is getting smarter. Before, all you had to do is stuff your site with keywords, right? Now you get bitch slapped if you even think about it!

So what does everyone do? They do a TON of research on how smart google actually currently is and try to apply those SEO rules to pacify the Google god at that current “smart-level”. So what happens? Not only will you do the same SEO every updated and informed webmaster is doing… the next Google update you are .. guess what…  yup, behind again.

My Secret Weapon To Crush Google Rankings:

Check this out, my silly gringos. When do you say Google has become smarter.. what does that mean? Google sees through your attempts to manipulate SEO. Right? Now youtube as an example, can “understand” speech and can CC text what you say automatically.WOW.. just like a real person.

Google now knows that “house” and “home” mean the same thing! Oh, Em Gee dude.. just like a real-life functioning human! See where I am getting at? Google is emulating a live thinking human being, making it harder and harder for users to manipulate the rules and cheat their way into the rankings!

My Experiment!

How Do I Rank 1 On Google Fast? So a few months back, I realized this and decided to stop following the crowd and the SEO gurus, with their newest and best tests techniques to “specifically” please the google gods of current AI (Artificial Intelligence) level.

So what do I mean?

I pretended I am no longer trying to please the google god. As in the Googlebot. I pretended that google has a gazillion mini Googlians.. (little people with a brain, actually humans), doing the site checking.

If someone from Google was skimming and reading and checking your site.. you wouldn’t be able to get away with anything. So you would start writing to actually please that human. Not just an artificial algorithm that counts how many times the word “Cash” is used in what number of total text characters trying to figure out if you are populating your copy with keywords.

No no, you would actually do the work to write compelling copy. So should you write compelling copy? Duh, you silly sausage! But that was not the point of today’s lesson kids!

Market domination starts with a call with me!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

Write Content For Your Users, Not For Google

The point is… work on your site as if a human working for google was checking it.

Why? Now you are not only pleasing the google gods of today… no no my good fellers, you are now immune to future google updates, as google continuously tries to become more “human” to “get those that cheat the system”. And what’s even more awesome? I suddenly was not doing what EVERY OTHER PERSON IS DOING.. when it comes to SEO.

My content is now alive, not robotic, humourous, real and genuine. See all those youtube videos with these paid models with an exaggerated smile with unnatural hand movements as she says: “Are YOU in foreclosure… Are YOU behind on taxes…  Well…  FAKE SMILE… Don’t Despair… FAKE SMILE… We will BUY your house in Cash [queue the big-ass fake smile]”.

So damn F A K E!

Be Real, Be Genuine, Be Different.

Check out my video [Click the dang video!]

Now compare my video to all .. I repeat ALL the other videos out there that regurgitate the SAME old crap.. professionally made lame and boring! Yes, your video too! Tough it up!

Does my video look pro? Heck no… serious? nope… Doe, we look uncomfortable and rather not have a camera on our face.. absolutely! So would any other real human being watching the video!

But would anyone doubt we are real people? Nope! Would anyone think we are paid, actors? Well, I am sexy as hell but no! We appeal not to the desperate person in need.. no no, we appeal to their humanity.

Want proof? Sure you do!

  1. Open an incognito window.
  2. Go to youtube.
  3. Search for: “We Buy Houses In Connecticut

I guess it depends on your location but here in CT, this is what you will find. The first result is actually my entire youtube channel… but which video is the first video result? It is my blooper video! It is not even the actual video, it is my blooper reel. My other videos are much older and have more likes and more views.. but it is that video that is ranking on top. Now you start to see what I am preaching is so powerful huh?

Stand Out From The Masses

We do not look like any other site out there. I used to think there is a compromise between SEO and conversion.

Example.. SEO would be stuffing your site with keywords, while conversion would be NOT stuffing your site with keywords because no one would stay 3 seconds on your site if all they see is we buy houses in Connecticut, we buy houses in Waterbury, we buy house in New Haven (see my smart use of keyword stuffing here?  Whaaaat meet? Nooooooo!)

Ahem… no no, I was wrong.. If you imagine how Google has evolved from a  plain simple algorithm to an AI emulating a human so has the style of writing copy changed.

What do I mean?

Well before it was OK to just stuff your site with keywords, now it isn’t. Exactly! Before it was ok to separate SEO from conversions.. now.. it is the same thing! That is the secret I am trying to point out!

Seo and conversions now have one simple recipe.

In “The Matrix” … “There IS no spoon” Here… “There IS No Conversion” or… “There IS NO SEO”.. same thing.

All I focused on is (sure, adhere to Google’s basic rules for SEO… like ALT tags in Pics, etc. etc), but other than that, write great copy, and be genuine and be you… and do not focus on SEO too much! Because if you do… guess what, you will NEVER feel and look as natural and awesome as me, and I will out-invest you any day! (This translates to being unique and original inherently).

I have another HUGE secret I am not yet willing to share. It is called.

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You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

How to get my Site mini links…

What are these? Well, look at the pic below.

Then I lost them because I edited my site and I did something terribly wrong. After a lot of research trying to figure out why in the first place I got these links, I figured out how to get them. So after a few changes… Not only did I get them back.. oh no-no, but I also got 4 links!! One extra!

The only sites having these links.. are those in the ads section! I got them organically! How is that for I know what I am talking about! I should share them.. but I got something in the works so you have to be patient for this one. And for Pete’s sake share this on facebook twitter or where ever if you think it is a cool article.

So get on it!