"Jerryll works with lots of our clients at Carrot and I see the results behind the scenes in the data month in and month out."

Terry Reeves - CEO Investor Carrot

Double, Even TRIPLE Your Flipping Or Wholesaling Profits

You don’t have to sit idly by, accepting the constantly diminishing results of DMM, Cold Calling, or Text Blasting. Leverage your online presence to generate FREE highest quality motivated seller leads on autopilot! (These Leads Are Actually Free!)

Regardless of what you have been told, no list can target motivated sellers. Not the foreclosure list, absentee owner’s list, tax-lien list, probate list, or any other list. If the people on these lists were truly motivated sellers, it wouldn’t take you 3000 mailers, calls, or texts to finally snag one deal.  Data never lies. 

The ONLY way to reliably reach motivated sellers, is for you to make it extremely easy for them to find you. I have created a FREE training showing you the exact step-by-step process of how 1100+ students and I effortlessly, and at no cost generate the highest quality off-market seller leads no one else has access to!

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Good Deals Are Hard To Find!

And That Is Why We Don’t Look For Them, They Find Us!

All these deals above are off-market deals. The leads came in through our website. None of these sellers were on ANY list! They where COMPLETELY invisible to anyone and everyone unless they reach out to you. 

No one knew they were motivated, only they know. They did a Google search, found us, loved us as a direct result of going through our website, requested an offer, and never even bothered looking for anyone else for a second offer. This is the power of a credible online business presence!

I Help Wholesalers & Flippers Get Free
Off-Market Motivated Seller Leads.

Well, actually...

I Help Extremely Motivated Sellers Find You,
To Sell Their House To.

When was the last time you visited the library looking for information to solve a certain issue?

Everybody goes to Google to find a solution to their problem, including motivated sellers. Establishing a credible online business presence, is the key to success generating and converting off-market motivated sellers into highly profitable deals.

They'll reach out to you requesting a cash offer before your competition has a clue they have a house they need to sell.

On The FREE Training You'll Get:

  • My secrets and methods to reliably rank your Carrot (or any) site on Google.

  • The ONE Key REQUIREMENT You Need To Convert Traffic Into Leads! Find out what it is and convert your own traffic into leads right now.

  • Our blueprint to scale Your DMM, Cold Calling, D4$, Texting, basically all outbound marketing efforts without having to spend an extra cent.

  • Highest quality 100% free motivated organic seller leads

  • Again, NEVER, EVER pay for a single lead EVER AGAIN!

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In this free training I will show you how we buy houses at 75% - 90% DISCOUNT.
Take advantage of this now and start implementing this into your own business

My Name Is Jerryll Noorden

Former NASA robotics scientist turned real estate investor.

I help wholesalers and flippers reliably generate free off-market motivated seller leads. Well, actually, I help extremely motivated sellers find YOU to sell their house to, depending on how you look at it.

Data & Analytical Thinking Is The Key To Success.

There are so many programs, software, gadgets, and mentorships out there, all teaching you how to REI (sub to, wholesaling, creative financing, etc.), it is nuts. But think about it...

It all starts with motivated seller leads! Without leads, all these amazing strategies are useless! Your success as a real estate investor depends on your ability to generate motivated seller leads. In other words, any mentorship is as effective as its effectiveness to generate motivated seller leads.

No matter what amazing strategy anyone teaches you, it is useless if they then tell you to start cold calling some magic list that "no one else has access to" to get "motivated" sellers! How many mailers, calls, or texts do you need to send to get ONE deal? 3000? That is a 0.033% success rate (that is why you need to send so many mailers to get a deal!). Do you really want to invest in a mentorship that gives you a 0.033% chance to succeed?

Having to send thousands of mailers, calls, or texts to compensate for a low success rate, is not a strategy, mentorship, or program. That's just silly!

Actual Results Of The Program

These results are not typical by any means, and I am not claiming you will get these results. Those of us, that are getting these results put a LOT of work into this, and the fact of the matter simply is that some people give up, get lazy, get distracted, or are not patient enough to work the program. 

But if you work the program and follow my instructions you absolutely can get results like these!

"Jerryll works with lots of our clients at Carrot and I see the results behind the scenes in the data month in and month out."

Trevor Mauch - CEO Investor Carrot

Our Tribe Is Over 1100 Students Strong
Here Are A Few...

Our Students Don't Just Rank,


Rise above the noise. Be where the motivated sellers are, at the top of the Google search results. This is where you want to be. There is no winging this. This is a proven system that gets you there the most reliable way.

(Click On Images Below)

Numbers Are Great,

Excited Students Are Even Better

The system is designed for fast results to keep students motivated to do more. What started as "work", now becomes fun! The excitement is hard to contain when students start to see improvements in rankings within weeks of starting the program. Following the program gives you the best chance to rank all the way to the top at #1! See below:

Here is but a small portion of our HUNDREDS of our students ranking results!


Ranking #1 Gets You Traffic, NOT Leads!

Ranking your motivated seller website #1 on Google is great, but if no one fills in the form it is completely useless. Ranking #1 gets you traffic, NOT leads! You still need to convert that inbound traffic into leads. Our students don't just rank #1, they generate off-market, motivated seller leads. See below:

However, Ultimately It's Not About Leads,


The biggest difference between a lead, and a motivated seller lead, is the closing rate and the profit, of course. Generating motivated seller leads will result in 1). closing more deals, 2). faster, 3). with less effort, 4). cheaper (free), and 5). with higher profit margins just like my students below:

Do you really want to rely on some "guy", "girl", or "company" that resides in India, the Philippines, even the USA, to make you successful getting leads? Do you really want to depend on someone else, that no matter how you spin it, is more loyal to THEIR business than yours, to make you successful?

How do you even know what they are doing, and what it is they are doing actually is correct?! Do you know?

No, if there is ONE thing that needs to be done in-house, it is lead generation. It is the lifeline of your business. This is what will make or break you.

Anyone that does SEO or lead gen for 2, 3, 400 clients, simply has no time to uniquely and individually work your website, with your voice, your persona and your ideas and style successfully. Don't care how big their team is. NO friggin WAY!

Your success is but a click of a button away:

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