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If you are more than 5 mins late the call will be cancelled and you will not be able to reschedule another one.

Please make sure that you are in a quiet room and do not take the call from your car, airport or any other noisy place. If you take the call in a noisy location we will cancel the call with you and not allow you to reschedule another one. I am taking your success very seriously if you work with me and we expect you take it seriously as well!

I look forward to helping you explode your business and achieve massive success!

- Jerryll Noorden

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First I promise you that you will receive unparalleled value out of our talk completely irrelevant whether you buy my program or not. I will set you up with everything you need to know to start dominating, so please do not miss it!

Alright! What's Next?!

May be hard to believe, but I actually do care about your success, and I have started an elaborate effort to help other investors become successful at no cost. To take advantage of this elaborate grand scale effort, there are a few things you need to do!

1. Join TheMightyInvestor Mastermind Group!

I started a Facebook mastermind group that has produced many successful investors, just from being and participating and interacting in that group. I want you to join this group. Again, although I can't make you join, I am telling you to please join because you will find a ton of gold nuggets from me and other investors that are crushing it. If you don't like the group, you can always leave! But, join it now!

2. Free Access To Our House Flipping Educational Series.

Have you seen our checks?

We obviously are doing something right when it comes to flipping. This will be extremely counter intuitive but while the majority of investors try to figure out a way to cut costs, as the biggest priority of their flips, our priorities lie completely elsewhere. Our priority is: "what do we need to do and how to make people completely fall in love with this house".

This, and I kid you not, is the key to flipping for huge profits! We are starting an educational (completely free) series on how to flip houses. We will show you all our flips from beginning to end, and everything in between , how we generate leads, how we contact the leads, do walkthroughs, how we arrive at our offers, how we negotiate offers, to designing our flips, working the flips finishing the flips, and how we sell our houses reliably in hours after they hit the market for above asking price.

Subscribe here to get a ton of added benefits:

These are HGTV-like episodes, that go over exactly what we do how we do when we do why we do, from purchase to sold and check in hand. Whether you are experienced or not, this will absolutely help improve your skills, get inspiration for ideas and much more.

This is something we just recently started doing, and we are trying to fill this channel with awesome episodes asap. We have 3 house flip videos we are editing and finalizing. Be patient and of course hit that notifications button so you will know when they are ready.

We want feedback we want your ideas and opinions, and we want to network with you and build something special so everyone can learn from each other. Would you do us the honor and join us? Subscribe to our channel and please say hello, introduce yourself. Send me your YouTube and Instagram links so I can also subscribe to you.

Together we can help each other grow!

3. Want Cash Buyers? Here Are All My Buyers For Free!

Lastly I wanted to give you access to my complete buyers list nation wide. I have a cash buyers group in every state in the USA, where you have completely free access to every single one of my buyers in that lest through the group.

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