What It Means To Be Successful

What Is Being Successful Exactly?

Capt’n’s Log – February 3, 2016: Need To Make Progress

Being Successful is the goal here, no matter what it means to you. I have been losing hope, motivation and drive the last few days, but know this.. giving up is and NEVER will be an option. EVER!! Just not going to happen. So let me bitch and complain all I want. The day I am giving up is the day I cut my tollie off! That’s Surinamese for…

I guess I am getting a bit scared about this entire “Thing“. This has given me a lot of doubts and I am starting to compare myself to “Successful ” people. I am starting to wonder what the characteristics are of successful people. What exactly does it mean to be successful? What IS being successful anyways?

As I travel along on this path every now and then doubts and fears creep in. This may be normal, but it can be dangerous. I finally can clearly see why so many people fail. Success is not just about “Making it“. It is not about which actual steps one has to take towards this “Making it“. It ALSO is largely about “Not giving up“. Steps to take to lift you back up when you feel down. I see it now. And I am fortunate I do. Because now I can prepare myself for this.


I quit my job and I am just starting a company. I see “Real” companies everywhere and it is really funny now that I am starting my own, I can’t help but think, that those “real” companies also are run by some guy in his underwear sitting at his messy desk having no idea what they are doing. Because this is what is going on here. From the outside,  people will probably think this is an established company with 30 people on the payroll, with an HR department, etc. etc. Is this the right way to start a business? Am I taking the right steps? Seriously I  have no idea.  But… either way…

Today is a big day. I bought my first mailing list from List source and the other source I rather not mention (not because of competition issues… I do not believe in competition and I will help everyone and anyone, competitor or not).

The other source I used was called Listability. I have mixed reviews on this and if anyone wants to know what my thoughts are on this list or from listsource, then ask me in the comments and I will write a post about it.

It may be very risky what I did. My entire marketing campaign will most likely cost me about $2.5K and I will only be in Connecticut for 1 month. So after 1 month, I will most likely walk away from all the marketing at the point it is actually about to give results.

Why then did I do this? If I get just one deal out of it, it would have been worth it. I have $20K put aside for this adventure. I can either be scared, (well maybe “Smart” is the better word in this case), or I can go all out and not be like 90% of people out there that are to chicken (or is the word I am looking for “Smart” again?) to step up and do whatever it takes to be successful!

This is what I think.

There are people that make it, and people that do not.

Most of the people that do not make it, don’t because they just do not have the money, or determination or the wits to do it. You need money to make money. I have SOME money so I for heck’s sake will use that advantage and milk it! You can’t be afraid to not give it you’re all. Not even, you have to give it more than your 100%. If you just hold back a little, you are not ever going to make it. I know this, but somehow my brain still is a scared little chicken poop! But luckily I am just going to blindly do what I believe I should be doing.

Market domination starts with a call with me!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

What It Means To Be Successful

I will tell you. Being successful means having that determination that you will get there. Whether you get there or not is not at all important w.r.t. successful. That you made that step towards it, and that you genuinely are giving it your all to seriously get there. It is not a “Try” mentality. It is telling yourself and actually meaning it, believing it you will get there. What does this mean practically?

It means simply this. I AM successful already! And it is so funny because once you realize this, grasp this concept of being successful, you suddenly instantaneously realize this one small little thing:

I will make it“. No, it is not a “wish” or a dream, or a fictional spiritual motivational goal or milestone to give you the drive to go on. No, absolutely not. It is simply a window into my future where you can see where you will be if you keep this mentality going. Yes, I already know I am successful, so it is now just a matter of time hard work and patience. It is funny because when I started to write this article, I had no idea about this. As I am typing this exact sentence am I realizing this and my am getting goosebumps and am getting so motivated to even stop it up harder!

Hell yes, I WILL be successful. It is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN!

I am not sure if you all will “See it” too but I hope you do. This has made me realize that no matter how tough things get, I saw my future already so bring it on. I will beat it!

I Have To Keep On Going

So I will have about 1500 highly targeted letters going out soon. Remember, the second I transform that list into mailers and sent them out… I DID IT!!

I have defined: “having a running company” as having sent out a running campaign! Then as per that definition, I started! And fail or not, I stopped wishing and dreaming and I started doing!!

Let me leave you all with one little video.

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