We Have A Walkthrough Scheduled

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Capt’n’s Log – August 27, 2019: We Have A Walkthrough Scheduled

Finally we are getting somewhere. Today we got the walkthrough scheduled. The walktrough is very important. Here is where you get to meet the sellers face to face. Here is where they get a feel for you. Usually it is this were we seal the deal. When they meet us, usually people love us (Jess and I) We are a very awesome team.

How We Work Our Leads

So here is how we usually do it. We do all our due diligence before the meeting. We figure out the After Repair Value, and we check out the market, what city it is in, is it a good city? a crappy city, do houses sit on the market, or do they sell fast? Is it a desired spot in the city or not? We try to find out all thee things before we check it out. This is how we USUALLY do it. We have not done this in a long time to be honest. I have been completely submerged with my new SEO project I have put Jess in charge of the flipping side while I run my SEO consulting company which has blown up the second people found out I offer consulting services.

We Have A Plan

We both knew we needed help. So remember the guy I mentioned before that was going to help us with all the leads we are getting? Well we wanted to really get serious about wholesaling and get a solid system going. The problem with bringing someone on board is that for the immediate present we then have even LESS time for anything because now we needed to train him. With all the stuff going on (and we do have a lot going on…… ). What I have not been talking about is that we have a flip gone terribly wrong. Yeah this happens…  so we just didnt have much time for anything really. We are trying to do the best we can so we are going to send Jess out to the walkthrough and have our new guy shadow Jess. That is the plan at least.

Here is today’s communication.

Market domination starts with a call with me!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

Appointment Set

With a little bit back and forth we finally have a date set. Don’t tell Jess, but I am so happy she is taking over this part of the business. I HATE long car rides so I really hate these walkthroughs. But it is what it is. This is the price to be successful. It is so funny, how one always keep complaining about everything. I remember being new. I would give anything to be successful. The funny thing really is that as you accomplish more and more, the definition of success becomes more and more clear. Making a ton of money is great but that is not really it. Before I though being successful is having a #1 ranking website, being the obvious choice to sellers, having a recognized brand, being better than everyone else out there… but now that we are there, things are hell. You all think “wow, if I was in his position I wouldn’t complain”. But what you do not see.. is this.. what I am showing you now and here. All the work, all the scheduling, all the delivering on all the promises on the website. It sucks money butt. Success really is when you are HAPPY. It is when you have a team, systems and everything is automated and all you do is watch things explode exponentially. THAT is the next challenge we are facing.

But with flipping 3 to 4 houses at the same time, a growing SEO consulting business, too many lead coming in and just being 2 people running it all… bleh!

We Never Complain…

But you don’t see me complaining… oh poop too late. I guess you did. Shut up! This is what I always tell myself, which is true…

I have put my life on hold for the last 4 years. I don’t go out. I do not indulge, I do nothing but work literally from 7:30AM to about 1:30 AM every day. No expedition no exaggerating. Hell check out the review videos. Everyone tells me how amazing my response is to my SEO clients. It is all I do. But that is OK. I put the work in now, and once we automate it all, guess what.

We have  our flipping business bringing in money, our wholesaling business, bringing in money, SEO consulting bringing in (quite a load actually) of money. Then Jess is starting her fitness business. We will be so friggin posh bitchy, arrogant douches. I can’t wait!