The Importance Of A GOOD Lead Generating Site

Google is at it again… There has been a Google update. If you lost some DA and or PA, that is most likely why. And now you may see The importance of a Good lead generating site.

If you remember from my previous post, I was in the midst of doing an experiment on dramatically increasing my PA and DA and thus rankings. I know I know, don’t worry about PA and DA the experts say. But I say, the heck with this. I need SOME metric to monitor progress and that is the best I can get.

So it looks like Google made the update focusing on content and backlinks. They are cracking down on shady link building methods like PNB (Private Network Blogging).

Basically what that is, to the best of my knowledge at least some start several blogs and somehow ranks it on google. Then they sell backlinks. So you pay for a mention on that blog with a link back to your site so your site gets some juice from the ranking blog.

The problem with this is that is is not a natural backlink. The backlink is paid for. Google does not find this sexy… at all! How do you recognize PBN’s? Easy, reading the posts it is more than obvious that the post has little content… unlike my most awesome blog, of course.

Sadly I too was affected by this damn update, and I guess so was everyone else. Most got their PA and DA completely eliminated, others like me, dropped a few points. My rankings, however, did not really change… thus far.

So this is why my experiment is on indefinite hold. I have more important things to focus on immediately. I lost 4 of my 8 backlinks. Not cool! I make sure everything I do is legit white hat SEO, but I can not control what others do that link to me whether I placed the backlink or not. I guess I made some poor choices of sites to register my site on, and 4 out of the 8 sites I linked from got deindexed by google and thus now I lost half of my backlinks.

OK, enough whining. Today I will try to show how important ranking is for your money flow. More importantly, how important flirting with google is, and how important it is for google to find you one hell of a sexy little piece of meat.


A search for “we buy houses in Connecticut” gives you the following page .. well somewhat. Other than a huge spot with the sexy dixie luring in clicks and interest, I get my own little mini links under my search results.

Does any other site have this? Nope! (well unless they pay for it in the ads section). Do you know when this happens? When Google loves that sexy little bubble-butt of yours. Yup when google finds you sexy, good things happen. Now you may say “oh big whoop, what’s the big deal”. I tell you the big deal.

The marketing campaign I talked about earlier remember?.. probably not… so go here.

I sent out 2700 mailers. It cost me about 1600 to send, and the list cost me about 1900. so the campaign cost me about 3500 dollars. I got about 15 decent potential calls.

So in other words, 15 good leads cost me about 3500 dollars. With my most awesome Investor Carrot site, I basically get a lead every day. These are not just some guys that you convinced to sell their house…  see when you do direct mail marketing, you are the one looking for people and then you talk them into selling to you.but with internet leads, these people desperately look for YOU.

THEY are the ones begging for you to buy their house. So these leads are of WAY higher quality. Now if 15 OK leads cost me 3500… and me getting a lead every day… that means I save 3500 every 2 weeks! Now you see how important a good performing site is!

Ahh, no big mouth anymore do you. Sit down, son! Grownup talking here!

If you want a good site, trust me to go to:

Click on the logo above to see their plans. Tell them Jerryll sent you will you?

Now can you imagine getting leads every day where you can cherry-pick the best ones? Like I did with my current flip?

Ohh btw.. if you ever tried to subscribe to my flipping blog… you actually are not subscribed.  Something was not working right, but it is fixed now. So SUBSCRIBE!! Where was I.. yeah.. imagine of you could cherry-pick the best leads? wouldn’t life be grand?

Good website = you become filthy!! (rich)

Want to know how I am doing it? Show me some love and I may share in super detail how to get google to want your bubble-butt in it’s face! I am still not filthy.. but I hope to become DISGUSTING nasty filthy very soon!!

Happy green day y’all!

I help Flippers & Wholesalers get 4-12 Leads daily!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!