Step 2: Get Your Real Estate Investor WebSite Set Up

Verifying Ownership Of Your Site And Setting Up Google Analytics

Verifying your website ownership with google and setting it up for Google analytics is crucial for rankings and monotoring your SEO and website performance. If you remember in Step 1: Get Your Real Estate Investor WebSite Set Up, I had bought a brand new Domain name in the NC market. I have decided to continue step 2 of this series, with a brand new domain name I just bought today. The reason is that the NC domain name is now old and I wanted to show how fast a brand new domain name would rank if amazing SEO techniques were applied. Verifying Ownership Of Your Site is annoying. So here goes. So here we go!

The goal is to rank #1 as quickly as possible! Since I have to do ALL the work from scratch again, why not document it so you guys and girls can follow along. I do want to keep my new domain name a secret… for now.

Let’s Get Verified!

If you got to this page because you successfully went through part 1 of this series, congrats, your website is live and it exists. Now you will get stinking rich as you will rank #1 by tomorrow and everyone will want you to buy their house. Dream on my little muffin. This is nothing yet. A LOT of work now follows and most of you won’t make it, and you will crash and burn. And that is GOOD! Because the more of you that crash and burn, the better it will be for those that work hard and rise up to be the chosen ones to become rich filthy mean stinky and just pricks. Oh wait…  those are just my goals… you all just want to be rich. pfft. What is the point of being rich if you are not a douche! Anyhoo.. next is telling Google you want to be the chosen one to be featured on the #1 spot of the search results.

How do you do this? Well my little buttercup, read on.

How To Verify Your Site Ownership With Google

What Is Verification?

To prove to Google that you are the owner of your website, you have to verify you indeed ARE the owner. Why do you need to do this? Well once Google is convinced you are the owner of the said website, Google will grant you with all sort of backstage data about your website, called Google Analytics. You can see your traffic, how your traffic behaves, how long they stay on your website and all sorts of juicy data that simply makes us SEO guys panties wet!

Based on that data, you adapt, change, modify, and tweak your site to make it well, a super website, and thus you will rank higher. So to verify your website click this. I promise this will not bring you to some unnatural porn site where people and Donkeys… intermingle and stuff. No no, I promise I swear.. Click it. CLICK IT!!!  muu  muu  MUUUHAHAHAHAHA

On To Webmaster Tools

I was born with Webmaster Tools Access. It came as a package offered to ma mama when I jumped out of her with a full head of hair.. and brains. If you don’t have it.. heck man doesn’t be so lazy. Google it and get’s done! Then come back and I will continue. BUT… I promise I will wait for you. Now go. Go on. Run Along. OK finally.

Let’s verify your site and claim ownership!

Go to your Google Search Console. This is pretty much your Google Webmaster Tools. If you are not yet logged in you will have to log in, and if you have no account at all you have to create one. This is the place where you will access all your Google webmaster tools. It is here where all your sites are accessible to check links and other stuff.

Here is the link:

1. Create A New Property

A property simply is a website. As I have a bunch of websites I already have a Webmaster Tools account with a list of all my properties(websites)

The new website I made is not yet there. Google does not know that new website belongs to me (that is WHAT we are trying to do, verifying ownership… telling Google I own that website). So we add that new website to the list of MY properties. You do that by “Add Property”.

The following window appears. Just add your info like I added mine. Then hit “CONTINUE“.

You added the website to your Google search console. Now we need to verify it. The following window will open.

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2. Verify Domain Ownership Via DNS Record

There are several ways to verify you own the domain name. This is the suggested method so I will do it this way.

1. Sign in to your domain registrar. I used YourDaddy… I mean, so log into there and follow the same steps I explained previously… heck let me paste it again.

2. Find your domain name in the list of domain names you own and click on it. Now you are on the “Domain Settings” Page. Scroll down till you see “Additional Settings“.

3. Click on “Manage DNS

1. Add a new entity like so:

2. Add A “TXT Record

3. Copy The “TXT Record” that was given to you and paste it as shown:

4. Then Save it

It will look something like this now:

5. Now Verify you are the owner by going back to that window and click on verify

And if you are REALLY sexy smart and beautiful,

This will happen:

CONGRATS Now Google recognizes you as the owner of that domain name and thus website!

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You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

Set Up Your Google Analytics For Your New Website

1. Get The Tracking ID

Go to your Google Analytics, and click on that stupid gear without a title so it is harder, longer, and with a ton more effort for me to explain where to click.

I already have an account with Google Analytics and I honestly do not remember ever not having one so if you don’t have an account… I think you don’t have a Google account period. In that case, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? You do not deserve to be on my blog, get OUT!

So obviously you are not going to make a new account if you have one unless you have perverted reasons to do so, and you are then on your own.

So leave that alone and just click on “Create Property”. Google considers websites as properties. Go figure.

The following page appears:

1. Enter the title of your website

2. Enter the URL of your website (don’t include the “https://“). Enter as much info you can. Remember, the more Google knows about your website the more confident Google will be you are a good match for your related keywords. So obey me! So…

When done, hit “Get Tracking ID

And Voila!

That code is your secret agent spy code. Anyone gets a hold of it, you are dead! So do not share it!

2. Shove This Code Up Your … Carrot Site.

You got all excited there for a minute, didn’t you? You filthy freak! Don’t touch me!

So go to your carrot account. (Just click on the picture below). Don’t worry a new page will open. You are welcome. Click on your Dashboard as shown.

Next, find the “Settings” link

And paste your “Tracking ID” as shown, and hit the “Save” button.

You are done! There are a few more details and settings you can play with, but you can figure that out the other time. I am tired and hungry.

Step 3 will be up soon.

(When I say soon, I mean I have NO idea when! )

BUT I will (somewhat) document how I am going to rank this website in record time. And obviously, this is in the NY SUPER competitive market. Now that I have proved my methods as I am ranking all my client’s site straight to #1, I now have an ego from hell, and I feel I can now rank the ANY investor website SUPER high on Google!