Step 1: Get Your Real Estate Investor WebSite Set Up

When I started this post I just wanted to put down a few steps on what to do to get your site running. But as I typed I realized there is a lot of background info missing so this post turned into a huge article. But I promise you, this will be most likely the most impressive and most crucial article of this blog post to become a very successful and wealthy investor. I lost a bit of track on this blog. I often talk about how to make it as a real estate investor. But in reality, the reason why I started this blog is to show and share with you how I am making it, as in ME! I wanted to show you the exact steps I took that got me here. And I want to get back to this focus. So here it is: Here is how to Get Your Real Estate Investor WebSite Set Up! This was the ONE thing I did that got me here!

To entice you a bit, here is what your goal should be:

How Do I Get Motivated Seller Leads?

The image above is a random snapshot of my leads coming in, from just a single website. I get about 5 to 8 leads a day (FOR FREE!) No, not a week, definitely not a month. No no, a DAY! (of course, some days are better than others). Can you imagine how many leads that is a week? Actually yeah. I get about 30 leads a week. If only 10% of these leads turn into deals, that means I make 3 meals a week, 12 deals a month. If each deal average paycheck is about 3,000 (my average check per deal is about $14,000,-) can you imagine how much money you could be making by SIMPLY following the steps provided in this article?

No this is not a one time check. You can get many many like these. Here is the other one:

Realize It Is Possible!

If you can genuinely believe this is realistic, you will have a lot more motivation, drive and dedication to see it through. So let me try to convince you this is actually very feasible! This is not some secret impossible set of instructions where you have to pay some guru $20,000.- to let you in on their retarded secret. NO! This is FREE, logic, something you can do.

And seriously…

Just read this post and use your own logic. If you feel this is some unrealistic magic formula where the path from step 1  to step 2 requires some shady, unfeasible, magical leap of faith, then just stop reading and look elsewhere.


– if just in the slight chance that this monkey look-alike actually makes sense and it seems doable, why the frick not stop making excuses and ask yourself how BAD you want to be financially secure?


Yes it works, yes it makes sense, yes it is totally doable, but believe me..


(at least the beginning is). My site is now performing on automatic. But I kid you not, I worked my damn ass off daily; working on the site AND developing my own SEO strategies (which luckily), you do not have to do because you have me!

I hope I inspired you to read this article, till the end; it really will help you out!

I HIGHLY advise you buy an InvestorCarrot site. Here is why. I honestly do not care whether you believe me or not,  but my success was based on several things in combination.

  • Hard Work,
  • Being smarter than my competitors,
  • Devoting more time to this business than my competitors,
  • Getting an InvestorCarrot website,
  • Learning SEO and applying my own strategies.

It was a combination of ALL of these points together. Leave one out and sure you may be able to be successful, who knows, but that is not how I did it, and the whole point of this blog is: “if I did it following these exact steps, you should also be able to make it if you follow these exact same steps“.

But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know this BEFORE you buy anything related to this endeavor, stop! Think! Ask yourself. “Am I going to see it through?” If you are not sure do not buy anything. It is a waste of time and money. Read my blog from the beginning. You will see I had a HARD time sometimes. Several times I wanted to give up SO BAD! You have no idea how glad I am I didn’t. And believe me, less than 5% of the people will stay the course. So I am telling you now, most likely YOU there, will give up, yes YOU! I am hoping you will tough it up and see it through! So onwards to the post. How To Get Your Investor Website Set Up!

Set Yourself Up For Success!

This is just other words for: “Set up your damn website!

A few weeks ago I have explained the importance of a ranking website with a killer conversion rate. (IMPERATIVE you read that amazing article first!!!!) Now you can do it with  (almost) any website, but I will focus on InvestorCarrot, simply because if you are serious about making it big, you will eventually convert to InvestorCarrot. This is not an opinion it is a fact. So I will assume you have one or will get an InvestorCarrot site.

If you do not have one, you can try to apply what I will show you to your site, but it is up to you to figure out how.  I highly suggest you skim over that previous post now, to make more sense of this continuing post.

Before I dive in there are is an important basic understanding you need to master in order to create a successful website.

I help Flippers & Wholesalers get 4-12 Leads daily!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

2 Concepts You Need To Master For A Motivated Seller Lead Generating Website

A successful website has 2 things:

  • Solid SEO
  • Solid Conversion Rate

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): is anything and everything involving Google to rank you higher.

Conversion (people filling in the form): is whatever a person needs, to be coaxed/convinced into filling in your form (opting in).

The challenge here is that often SEO and conversion are conflicting entities. Often you have to make sacrifices to favor one for the other. You absolutely do not have to understand any of this to get your site set up, ranking, and converting so do not feel intimidated. HOWEVER, if you want to outperform your competitors and want a chance at dominating your market online, it pays to understand why it is what you are doing, concerning SEO.

The Logic Behind Your Website: SEO For Real Estate Investors

Let’s back up. When you have a problem, let’s say, you want to plant flowers in your yard but have no idea how to. Would you drive to your local library and find books on how to plant flowers? Maybe, if you are 80 years old. But no, not likely. You pull up Google and type in “how the friggin hell does I plant this here damn flower“. Right?

Yo monkeybutt what’s your point.

Easy Seabiscuit, calm down! When people have a problem they need to be solved they go online and type a keyphrase. This is called a “keyword” (even if in fact it is a sentence). This is very important and I will get back to this later in this article.

In our case, we want to buy houses at a discount, to either wholesale the contracts, fix them up to put tenants in for passive income (buy and hold), or flip them for a significant profit. Anyone that wants to sell their house will type in a certain phrase depending on their situation and goal. The idea here is that when someone searches for that certain specific keyword, your site comes on top of Google.

The goal of your site is to get leads. – To get leads people to need to find you first. – For people to find you online you need to be on top of Google. [thus far all this is SEO). – Once found by surfers, you need to convince them you can solve their problem/ help them by buying their house (conversion). If you look at my website harvesting motivated sellers in Berlin CT (randomly chosen) you can see the focus is on credibility while seamlessly putting in all the SEO goodness in, in the background! It is tricky not to over-optimize for specific keywords. It all has to look natural and organic!

It All Starts With Traffic!

Traffic is a fickle thing. “Ohh the more traffic I get to my site, the more leads I can potentially generate“. Yes?… yeah… NO!! No no no BEEE careful here!! Another important ranking factor Google uses to place your site on top, is CTR, Time On-Page, and Bounce Rate.

I will not go into too much detail here but the lesson to take away here is as follows. Let’s say a motivated seller in Florida needs to sell their house desperately. They go to Google and type in “I need to sell my house desperately“. Google puts my site “” on top of the results because Google knows I have that exact same sentence: “I need to sell my house desperately” several times written on my website. So Google thinks, my website is very relevant to what this person is looking for.

The user clicks on my web page and realizes I only buy houses in Connecticut (remember, he is in Florida trying to sell his house… Florida!). The user realizing my site is useless to them and within seconds without interacting with my site, without clicking buttons or scrolling down or navigating the pages, they hit the [BACK] button and go back to the search results to choose the other site.

What Happened Here?

Keep in mind, Google ONLY job is to make sure people get a great user experience from the net. The more people use Google the more money they make (from ads they display all over the web). So all Google cares about is to get users the best websites for what they are looking for based on the keywords that a user typed into the search.

Now, the user searched for: “I need to sell my house desperately“. Google presented my website to them, and within seconds they bounced off my page back to the search results. Google collects this data and determines: “Ohh Okay.. for the search terms: “I need to sell my house desperately“, the website “” is not a good fit, so I (Google ) will no longer place that site on the top of the list (for those keywords) because this user got a bad experience“. And Google drops you in rankings for those keywords.

On The Other Hand…

If someone searched for those terms and they clicked on my site, and they spent time on it, scrolled all the way down, clicked buttons and scrolled through my pages, Google sees that as “Oh wow, this website must have been exactly what they were looking for, so for these keywords: “I need to sell my house desperately“, this website is a great fit. I will rank them higher for these keywords so that other people looking for those keywords also can have such a good experience“.

The Moral Of The Story Here Is:

Don’t just try to send (any/all) traffic to your site because, if you send people to your site that do not want their house sold they will bounce off quickly once they figure out that site is not for them, and you will go down in rank (for whatever terms these people used to find your site)! Now that you understand this we can proceed setting up your website more efficiently.

Picking The Right Domain Name

The first step, of course, is getting a domain name. Some people will tell you that keyword-rich domain names are not crucial anymore (they used to ) and others will say they are very important. My opinion? No, they are not crucial, but you will get an insane advantage if your domain name includes popular keywords.

Keyword Research Is Everything

For our niche, Real Estate Investing the most sought after keywords are:

  • We Buy Houses In [city] [state]
  • Sell My House In [city] [state]

Therefore I, of course, have chosen my domains to be


Branding Your Website Domain Name

You can get any domain you want, but if your domain name is an actual keyword people are typing in, eventually Google will start seeing you as a “brand”. What does this mean? The word “Nike” doesn’t mean anything. It is a brand. Type “Nike” into Google. What do you think happens? Google will think that you are actually looking for the company “Nike. Google will display the knowledge graph of that company in the search results. As you can see it makes the Nike result stand out significantly.SEO for real estate investors

The knowledge graph (boxed in red) in the picture above (yes that is what a knowledge graph is) can be a tremendous asset to be found in the search results. There are several ways to potentially get this graph for your website, but that I will leave for the other discussion.

When people do a search for: “Sell My House In Connecticut“, Google will now think, “ohh they are probably looking for THAT SPECIFIC COMPANY “SellMyHouseInConnecticut”, and boom:

(funny how you have all these SEO companies and people claiming to be SEO experts but they can’t even get this kind of features to show up for their website! Pffft)

As you can see, this gives us amazing visibility. So let the people talk and say: “ohh,” is a perfectly fine domain name. You know better!

Basic 101 SEO

Once you have your site purchased and set up it is time to do the basic SEO work on it. This SEO is mandatory and this will just get you on the map. Everyone does these basic steps so these will absolutely not get you noticed or anywhere near the first page of Google, but without it, you will never even be on the map. So do not be in a hurry. You are working on your site’s ranking foundation. Take your time and do this right!

It is tedious and hard work, but that is actually good. Why?  Because people are lazy, people give up. And when they do, you have the advantage. This has always been my secret weapon to ranking my sites. I do the things no one is willing to do, and I end up being the only one doing so much and that is how I stand out to Google.

Putting Action To Words

In a previous post, I talked about how to rank a brand new city page on Google. But because my main domain name, already was ranking 1 on Google it is not such an impressive feat to rank a page on an already ranking domain name. So this is what I am going to do next. I will create a completely new website, new URL, new market, start from scratch, from ground zero, and I will note down step by step what I will do to get them ranked on Google.

Get Your Domain Name(s) Ready

I have decided to buy the following 2 domain names (it is astounding these domain names were available):


By all means, try to go to these websites so you can verify they do not yet exist. So I am indeed starting from scratch in a completely different market. Once the domains are purchased, we now need to attach them to the investor carrot site… OK domain names are purchased!

Get Ready For Your Copywriting

InvestorCarrot has done significant research on what converts on SEO. The templates they offer have all of this already built-in (start to see why I like them so much?). The problem here is that everyone that has an investor carrot website has the same default template. “Duplicate Content” is an issue, but no matter, there is a solution for that. So what do you do? You rewrite the content on the page!

InvestorCarrot did so much research on the content and it is already optimised to have people fill in the forms. Now I have to change it undoing all the content goodness they provided to me?

Nope, all you do is take each paragraph, and rewrite it in your own words (undoing any duplicate content) but you keep the underlying message intact. And that is all. Remember you do not want perfection here. You do not want the final version of your website. Not yet. All you want to do is make it good enough to publish it and launch it live on the internet. Here are the templates:

Although InvestorCarrot has a template for most of the popular investing goals, like finding cash buyers, motivated sellers, or agents, I will focus my websites to harvest motivated sellers in North Carolina.

Market domination starts with a call with me!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

Let’s Set Up Your Domain Name For Your Real Estate Investor Website

Continuing on How To Get Your Real Estate Investor WebSite Set Up, the first thing we have to do after buying the domain name to attach the site to the InvestorCarrot Hosting platform is to set up the domain name. You don’t understand it, I don’t understand it, it doesn’t matter. Just blindly follow these steps and you will be fine.

InvestorCarrot suggests to buy your domain name from “NameCheap“, but most of my domain names are on GoDaddy, and I rather have them all in one place so I will stick with GoDaddy.

Set up domain name for Real estate investing websites

Setting up Website for real estate invesing


Picking domain name for REI

Now you are on the “Domain Settings” Page. Scroll down till you see “Additional Settings”.

Click on “Manage DNS”

Manage DNS for real estate website

Add a new CNAME

Add a new entity like so:


A “SELECT” scroll down menu will appear…

Click on [Select]. A pull-up menu appears and clicks on [CNAME]/

Setting up InvestorCarrot website

Enter the fields as shown below:

If you get a message saying: “The specified CNAME already exists in the zone” that simply means you already have a CNAME field in that table. So there is no need to create a new one. All you have to do is click on the pencil (edit) and change the “@” to ““, as shown in the picture below.


Add A New CNAME2 T

This is what you should end up with:

Add A New CNAME3 T

Adding The Non “www” Redirect

1). Scroll down to “Forwarding”…

2). click the [ADD]

The following will appear.

3). Enter your domain name with the “www.” and enter the fields as shown in the picture above.

4). Hit [Save] and you are done with Godaddy.

The Domain is now set up to receive a host. If you bought a site from InvestorCarrot (and you should) you are ready to attach the URL to your Investor Carrot Page.

Launch Your Investor Carrot Website

Go to Investor Carrot and chose the plan that will fit your needs best (click the picture below).

InvestorCarrot Plans

I advise you not to pick the cheapest one because that option does not come with automatically populated blogs every week. The blogs are great to accumulate keywords so your site will rank for a lot more keywords. Also, you want at least 2 sites. One for motivated sellers and one to find cash buyers. The other options both come with 3 sites.

Next, just pay for the subscription.

Fill in the form and hit [Place Order].

Next, Go to [My Account] (Top Menu)

-and [Add a site].

Chose which site you want.

I am looking for motivated sellers in North Carolina so I am picking a “Motivated House Seller Site’ shown in the picture below.

Launch Your Site

Next, simply give your site a name(I named mine “We Buy Houses In North Carolina”… still can’t believe that name was available). Next, hit [Create your site].

Go get so grub. You have just a few seconds though…

Next, we have to add your domain name to the site.

My account wi look different because I have a bunch of sites, but it is easy to follow along.

Add and test your Domain name.

Follow the picture below. Step 1 was the “Setting Up Your Godaddy Domain Name”. So you already did that. Awesome right?

All you have to do is write down the domain URL into the field as shown and hit [Save custom domain]

If the green bar appears in step 2 there below, you are SET!!

Try Out Your Moneymaking Machine Website!

Get Your Investor WebSite Set Up

BOOM it works! And now you are finally.. so not done! You can see the word “Connecticut” is all over the page. This is automatically populated into the content because my settings say “Connecticut”.

You now need to start setting up your site, doing on-page SEO, and rewriting the content. This post is already super long so I will do a step by step write up in the next post.

But so you have an idea what’s next:

  • Citations
  • Rewrite content in your own words
  • get rid of all stock photos and replace with your own
  • start a personal blog unrelated to InvestorCarrot hosting (like I am doing with this here blog).
  • If you bought the 3 webpage package (YOU SHOULD), repeat the steps described above but for your Cash Buyers website (if you want to do wholesaling). IMPORTANT to do this NOW!!!
  • Set up your “About Us ” page. IMPORTANT. Take effort doing this.
  • Read through my earlier pages on this blog to get a refresher on what is to come working on your website.

The idea here is to have your site live on the web ASAP!! What I mean with this is, get your site to be “good enough” and publish it. As your site ages (the age of your site is one of the Google ranking factors), you can continue working on your site as you improve both conversion and SEO parameters. When you create a new site there are a few things you have to do that

Other things I am working on:

Other than writing on how to Get Your Real Estate Investor Website Set Up, I always try to decipher Google and its intentions! Every time I figure out how to conquer google’s secrets like the knowledge graph, Google throws a curve-ball at me.

Yesterday I created 2 new city pages. To my surprise, when I did a search google search using the keywords a motivated seller would use, the knowledge graph showed up for both of these cities that are not even 2 days old. In fact, they are not even indexed yet by google.

Yet when I search for  “We Buy Houses In Trumbull CT” this is what I get. For both new city pages.

Of course, I am happy, but this shouldn’t have happened. Back to the drawing board! And as always.

Don’t Forget To “Like” And “Share“!