Pleasing Google Vs Your Traffic

Yesternight I spoke with someone that wanted some advice on SEO. This gentleman had a really hard time with SEO and the reason he contacted me in the first place was that he read one of my rants where I said that everyone is doing SEO wrong.

He believed me because he was not getting any results. When he did a bit of research he did notice I am doing the exact opposite of what all these SEO companies were telling everyone to do!… yet I get results!

So for those that are struggling with SEO maybe this will inspire you to take a different approach! Those that have seen me around must have noticed I always use my website as an example and proof. So to drive my point really through I will use the website of one of my clients. (Sorry Eric, but I told you I was evil).

Let’s debunk some SEO myths. (Keep In Mind, I do NOT CARE about Google, So don’t come at me with… “But monkey breath, Matt Cutts said…”. Don’t care!

Well, the biggest thing all these “SEO Companies” do use backlinks to increase your ranking. Backlinks are important sure, but everyone thinks that you HAVE to have it or you don’t count. So these companies prefer using backlinks because it is easy!

OK now let me rephrase that. It is EASY when you do it illegally. You are SUPPOSED to get backlinks by having awesome content and other people will link to you naturally. Obviously, do you really believe an SEO company with 200 clients will sit there and write amazing blog posts for each individual client in HOPES someone will like it enough to give you a backlink?

See SEO companies their basis is to manipulate rankings. This is 100% absolutely true because it is COMPLETELY unrealistic to do SEO the right way for more than 10 sites at a time doing it the right way. It physically not possible. That is why doing SEO yourself for YOUR website will always outperform hiring a company to do so!

To prove this stupid backlink theory wrong I will show you this: And before I get into this, let me make it known. You do NOT have to pay ANYONE for SEO if you do not want to! You absolutely can do it yourself. AS LONG as you do not fall into the trap what everyone is preaching how SEO is done. If anyone tells you that they will put a backlink campaign on to rank, RUN!!!! They have NO idea what they are doing. And obviously… EVERYONE (SEO companies) is offering this. Putting your link in crappy thin content blogs, whining about keywords, whining about stupid obvious strategies that have been around for years.

So… Eric… But first: Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). … Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating multiple factors, including linking root domains and a number of total links, into a single DA score.

Page Authority (PA) is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well a specific page on your website will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). ….
Page Authority is based on data from our web index and takes into account dozens of factors.

Now that we are experts on DA and PA: Obviously, he is ranking #1 for pretty much all his cities he invests in.

Now, look at something very interesting here. His DA and PA are low. And he has 0 back-links! Now, look at all the other sites he utterly obliterated.

Every single one of his competitors has a higher Domain Authority and Page Authority. One of them even has 66 backlinks. Do you see a pattern? Who stands out here? And more so, which sites all look the same with the same metrics?

Exactly. All these other sites do SEO WRONG! they all do the same thing. They all try to please Google (pleasing Google will increase your DA and PA score.) Pleasing Google will end up with you having 66 backlinks.. why? because Google says to get backlinks.

Now here comes this newcomer, and he slaps everyone aside and dominates the market, and NO ONE saw him coming! WHY. WHY WHY!!

Sure we know what we are doing when it comes to SEO, but really. a big reason is, EVERYONE, DOES SEO WRONG!!

Do you think this is just for one city page?

This is for pretty much ALL of his city pages. And even the big national companies are no match for him (and his 0 backlinks and low DA and PA). If you ever run across an SEO company that will try to rank you high by doing backlinks and guest posting.. heck if backlinking is their main strategy… SERIOUSLY RUN!!!!

Next thing is Keywords:

I recently watched a podcast with some dude that had a guest that was an expert on SEO. This is what said “expert” said.

Oh yeah for every 400-500 words, put a keyword in there. My eyes started bleeding. Again trying to please Google. Your site needs to be organic. Natural. Do not force keywords in there just for the sake of having them. Of course, you need keywords, but the priority here is more to engage your audience.

If you want a genuine chance at ranking #1 and getting a crazy amount of leads, start looking more into being a legitimate awesome team, and have an organic unique amazing website, and less looking to kiss Gass (Google A%#).

Number ONE lesson in SEO. DO NOT listen to the SEO companies.  They got it wrong, they do illegal SEO (No MATTER how much they claim they do not), and they shove graphs, numbers down your throat making you think they are progressing.

But keep in mind. No amount of traffic, views, and ranks matter as much as this:

The ONLY metric you need to measure to evaluate anyone in SEO is how many (quality) leads they get! Period! Feel free to ask anything about a solid strategy SEO alone is Great, but the true power in SEO is when you combine it with other strategies of lead gen. So now, let me give you some direction on how to start your SEO journey

Don’t just wing it. Be organized. Understand it, and develop the steps and strategies you need to follow and in what order you need to follow them to reach your goal. The way I do it is by getting a wishlist going.

For example, I will write down something like “I want my social Media Icons To show up in the search results under our knowledge graph”. (BTW, these social media icons make you more credible, and will get you higher conversion rates)

like so:

Then I start developing a strategy so that this will happen. So instead of following the world, I develop SEO based on what I personally want!

So you will create a set of tasks to do and go through them one by one.

So now I developed about 9 phases, and every month the number of phases will grow (as I keep developing new strategies). So what is the power in all of this? Is ANYONE doing this? NO! We are the only ones doing this so all the SEO strategies are unique new and SUPER powerful. That is how you rank to the top!

NOW… While you wait for SEO to take effect, and while you keep working on SEO you do this.. or let’s say you hire someone (which you really don’t HAVE to do, but lets say you just don;t have the time to sit there and develop SEO strategies) you keep this strategy in mind: So let’s say this SEO goodness actually works and you will rank in say 3 to 4 months… Do you really have to fork over $XXXX,- every month and just hope you will get there in 3 months? No, absolutely not.

The fail-safe way is to do SEO WHILE you drive traffic to your site manually. OBVIOUSLY, this will ONLY work if your site is credible (a traffic conversion machine).  Now you just invest 1 month in SEO, and ALL you focus is on just getting ONE deal. Just one. Nothing else matters. Just one miserable deal, and that’s it. Nothing else exists.

You should make a lot more than that 1 month of SEO from that deal. So you take what you spent on that 1 month of SEO out of your paycheck and you split the rest of that money in 2. 1 half continues paying for the SEO efforts, and the other half goes back into driving traffic to your site manually (and more and more am I leaning towards FB ads).

Now you are set. You are not spending a cent on SEO anymore, while your site keeps climbing, and while you keep making money because you are constantly and continuously marketing.

This TRULY is not just talking. This is a system that SIMPLY WORKS!!

I call this the FT&C system. (Forced Traffic & Conversion)

I help Flippers & Wholesalers get 4-12 Leads daily!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

So Let’s Think Shall We?

Why would you think that the owner of a 30K house has no feelings? Integrity, emotions, opinions, desire to be treated with respect? There is no difference between the owner of a 30K house and one of the 500K house. Unless of course money and the cost of the house causes one to develop extra features within the human nervous system that the brain interprets approaches differently.

It is worse in markets such as Guilford CT or Madison CT for example. People that want to sell their house in Madison fast know the house will be expensive. People wanting to sell their house in Guilford CT know they can negotiate.

Actually, from what I have experienced, the owner of the 500K house laughed at me in my face when they called and I explained what this was about. “My house is worth 1.4M, will you hand me a suitcase with bills of 1000?”  add sarcasm. While the 70K owner gets furious, threatening, swearing, etc. etc. Either way, those are 98.34% of my callbacks.

No mi Gente! This is not how it works. My advice to you all thinks on your own. If YOU were a motivated seller and you get a letter posted above, and you got one like the one posted below:


…would you really discard the professional letter and call the handwritten letter?

I don’t think so.

So why does everyone swear by yellow letters? Because they result in callbacks. Sure, angry ones, confusing ones, calls from agents, sure some good ones. But do yellow letters work? work WORK? Who knows!! Not for me, they don’t. People that called were offended, worried. “How did you find my property? Why me?”

You Start In Negative Light

They call you starting off bad, creepy, confused and angry/worried. Now you need to first fight and invest effort into calming them down and try for them to trust you… really ridiculous why I would even have considered this! Do you think people will angrily call “domino’s pizza” because they found a postcard with buy one pizza get the second 10% off, offer in the mail? No why? It is a professional marketing piece. People accept that as it is.

But a creepy handwritten letter in red ink on a yellow paper, that is different! Very different. How can anyone say anything works if you do not honestly validate it?

So you received a deal from a yellow letter. Big whoop!

How do you know the seller didn’t get more pro letters? (so how do you know it is the “handwritten yellow letter” they picked over all the other non-handwritten letters they got?)  you don’t! Nothing shows concrete evidence that yellow letters handwritten is more effective than a pro letter.

And do not confuse the opening rate with yellow letters. Having your letter opened, and read has nothing to do with the letter. That is the envelope. They will open or not open the envelope before they even know a yellow letter is inside.

But once the envelope is opened, there is where the game begins. Fishing out a pro letter or a handwritten a yellow letter from the envelope! After reading either one, which one will have a better effect on the seller… a better impression, better feeling confidence which one will get them what they want.

Market domination starts with a call with me!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

A Seller Is Not Some Different Creature You Can’t Identify With!

Now do not treat a seller as this mysterious creature. The unknown black box. Just put yourself into their shoes and see what you would do. Pick the YL? PL? or would you pick both.

So I have accomplished more in my life than many people will do in 2 lifetimes. I didn’t get this far by listening to what others have done. I always use my intellect and intelligence to take the next step. Why change this now?!

I will not look back into the YL. They make no sense, counterintuitive and all they have caused me was headache angry callers, and the ones that were potential deals just allowed it because they simply needed a way out… which of course would give a better result if their letter had been a pro letter in the first place. Ohh and you can hear it in their voice and attitude how they really feel about the yellow handwritten letter.

Long read,

If you are a newbie starting with your marketing… take this warning seriously. I wouldn’t do it if I were you! So my newbie advise for tonight is.

Learn the basics, the fundamental rules and logistics behind these rules and then STOP listening to anyone other than putting things in perspective. Think on your own and be smart!