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We have been busy. We are still working hard on getting more deals but now our workload has increased significantly. We have decided to document our flip and to do it right it is really adding to our number of tasks to do.

Nothing is more important than getting deals in the pipeline. We have been neglecting our SEO efforts and we can already see some of our competitors close in on our rankings. Good job. Good for you. Sadly ( for you), it will not last long. Enjoy it while you can. I will get back to SEO and we will climb the rankings harder and stronger. I have some secret methods I am working on. Sadly with SEO, it takes time. But that is OK…

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The flipping blog covers how we get our deals from first phone call till finished rehab and our selling tactics. This blog complements the flipping blog by us sharing all our new techniques to find a more good deal.

As far as this blog is concerned and what we are up to, read on.

We have been doing some research on better ways to get deals. Better ways to rank higher harder stronger and faster. We have several methods in the works and are monitoring the results.

If you want a sneak peek on the traffic we are getting, check this out!

The pretty strong site we have built. About 200 views a day! Our methods work! If you copy us I will hunt you down and make things very unpleasant for you! I love you though ^_^

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