Capt’n’s Log – May 6, 2016 – I GOT A CONTRACT!!!

As you can see from my starDate Log, I have been quiet for a long time. I was in no mood to write! As mentioned before, this is not some happy blog where I make up stories, nor do I write knowing in advance there has been a happy ending in the end.

No! I write as I go, and a lot of crap has happened which just put me in no mood to be in a writing mood. But I will try to keep this blog going…

A lot has happened…

So after I declared war on yellow letters I decided to do marketing my way. Marketing is just too expensive to “wing it”… and if you just do not agree with a marketing strategy I suggest you to not do it. I am having a ton of success getting leads. I think more, way more, than the average and even the, not so average investor. It is signing the contract I am having so much trouble with. So, more on that later…

If you have followed my early humble beginnings, I started with 40K (36K to be more exact). I had a job till January that paid 9K a month (after taxes). Things were good then. No risks, enough budget to make marketing mistakes and experiments and life was good (other than being utterly miserable doing BS work). Then.. contract suddenly ended and I was forced to take life a bit more seriously. Either go back home to Florida and save money stretching the 40K I had saved or risk it, send it on marketing and start this company once and for all.

So I risked it. I have no idea if I made this up or if this is an existing quote… but…”If you follow the path everyone takes, you will end up where everyone is”. I didn’t become a successful NASA roboticist by playing it safe and following everyone else. So why would I start now? No. So  I went for it. Fast forward to now.

I help Flippers & Wholesalers get 4-12 Leads daily!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

After so many leads, so many phone calls, so many house visits, and so many offers I am laughed at… here comes this sweet old lady.

I win her over naturally with my honesty. Finally, it seems to be all going perfectly. She owns the house free and clear. Is tired of it, getting old wants to sell. I meet her twice. We become good friends. I tell her ok I will offer you XXK for the house. She says.. ok I will think it over (This was on a Friday) and she says I will let you know Monday. Of course, I immediately think “well Shnitzles, again no deal.. oh well…”

Well. Monday morning I get a call. She says I accept your offer. Call me and let’s meet so we can sign the contracts. I rush to the shower, get ready and I call her back to tell her to let’s meet at XX. No answer. So I leave a message…  Hey, I am on my way.. just call me when you get this. I am starting to get worried. I arrive… ring the bell.. nothing. I call… no answer. I leave a message… I tell her “OK I am going to grab some lunch I will be back later”. Later… I come back .. nothing. Pissed off sad, depressed destroyed I drive home.

Feelings of anger turn to worry. It just didn’t make sense she did this. I know her enough by now to know she is not that kind of person. She really likes me .. she would tell me she changed her mind if she did. An entire day goes by and the following day I am pretty much-convinced something happened to her… Called police to have them do a wellness check on her…

Those bastards promised to call me back if they hear from her. No call.. so by the end of the day… I call the police and they said. Ohh yeah, we found her she is ok. We told her to call you, I am not sure if he did. I was happy she was fine but suddenly I felt more destroyed and depressed. How the &#__@ could she just do this to me?

So I tried hard to focus. But I couldn’t. I told my friends at BP I give up. I hate this #)@)#( and I don’t want to keep doing this. I NEEDED this deal to continue. I had promised myself if I get below 20K I would stop and find a job. I am now at 18K. It is time to call it quits and be a responsible adult.

This deal was going to be the turning point. I would scale my marketing, get my LLC, and rev up my tactics. This was going to take me from beginner to one of those success stories you hear about and envied.  By all rights, it should have gone through.. but it didn’t It just didn’t.

It didn’t make any sense. She liked me. adored me. She was ready to sell. Did some  ((@*#(@ steal my deal?. no way she wouldn’t do this to me. Questions just didn’t have an answer. Hard to move on. After a day of quitting and feeling sorry for myself… I realized I can’t quit. I have nothing left. Either this or going back to finding a job and working for someone else. So it took a LOT of effort and determination to keep going. That same night I got another hot lead… made me feel a lot better… but still was depressed.

She found me because of a NASA video of mine… she fell in love with my “brain”.. and my character of a do better. And she called me up. She also called the other company… but she obviously favors me because of my background. So I decided I will just go with it.

This morning while I was … well, what people do in the morning… I got a call. And wouldn’t you know? It was her… The old little lady! She apologized and was so thankful I cared enough about her to have the police come to check on her. She is going to sign the contract… And I had an old pending del I forgot about that I still am dealing with…

So suddenly from the lowest point in my investor career.. to the highest point with 3 deals on the plate and more dropping into the pipeline. I am so occupied now with these deals I seriously can’t handle more and more are flowing in.

I seriously feel like the universe is testing me on purpose to see if I am worthy of success. Does he break down and give up the first chance he gets? Let’s find out. Let’s give him a deal.. let him smell it.. taste it and take it away from him and see if he is going to cry Muahahaha …

Well, you son of a Cocker spaniel. I am still here you $&#*@. And I guess now the reward comes. I HATE it when people tell me.. don’t give up… those who stay at it will make it. Such BS!! This is not a fairy tale. This is life. Trying and working at it doesn’t mean you will make it. I am not a fate or destiny kind of guy.

One thing I know.. quitting definitely is not going to get you there. But that does not equal “working hard” will! I am glad I didn’t quit. I am definitely not there yet. And I still have to sign a single damn contract. But I sure as ka kolo pampa fok am close! So I started this blog to document my entire Investing cycle from complete newbie till now.

If you are a newbie as well… I suggest following this blog from the beginning.

I explain in detail how exactly I am doing it. One day when I am rich and stuck up and treat everyone like “the help”.. I will smirk at this and say.. oh jolly.. was I ever so kind?  I have no time for kindness .. I need to dive in my money some more.

Ahh, that will be the day.