How To Start

WOW.. ok listen up everyone. I am getting a TON of messages on help on how to get started. Well first read my blog. But I will give you a crash course

1 FORGET getting a mentor (if you are like me). Everyone is saying you should get one.  If I had gotten a mentor he/she would only have slowed me down.

If you are READY, crazy determined and obsessed and have a drive like a fanatic, forget mentorship. You will then only go as fast (slow) as the mentor is. For me. that is not NEARLY fast enough!! (you really don’t neeeeed a mentor to make it). (no disrespect to those that feel you do need one). Don’t you just hate opinions? ^_^

So then how do I start? Simple. Again this is my opinion and I am a newbie, so I know nothing, John Snow!! And I assume you get all your admin set up. (gotten a website, gotten a google number, etc. etc) ok here is the quick recipe. You Market your ass off. THAT is how you start. Well, that is the goal at least. Now… that you have a direction (“I need to market NOW”), you work backward.

What do I need to market? I need a list to market to. OMG, I am brilliant. So get a stinkin list. so I bought my list.. what now? pick your marketing piece! Great you picked yellow letters (NOT)

So what is next? Well if you do get a call and you sign a contract what then? Buy the house, sell the contract whatever your niche is,  so you need money or you need buyers. Always market for buyers. find hard money lenders (if you want to buy the house) ok, so what have we learned?

Simple, reverse that recipe. The last item becomes first (remember? you went backward from marketing).

  1. ​OK so first get buyers on your buyer’s list.
  2. Find a list to market to (motivated seller’s list)
  3. figure out what marketing piece to market
  4. Market said pieces
  5. Wait for calls
  6. sign contract
  7. assign the contract, buy house whatever niche you decided to do
  8. get paid.
  9. Run 3 laps butt naked around the block. This is a mandatory commencement ceremony for getting your first paycheck. I did it, your father did it before you and even grandma did it before him. Don’t you dare skimp on that! Get it on tape, sign a waiver and give the said tape to mehh! Trust me! It’s going to be ok! It’s for the best!

Guess what, if you are stuck along the way because you “did” before you “learned” enough… you come to the BP forum and ask for help. Of course, do SOME research and education before you just do like a crazy person. Who does that!

You are welcome ^_^

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You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!