How To Rank A Brand New City Page

I have a grand idea. How To Rank A Brand New City Page! How about I show you how to make the other deal. Yes, I have already shown how to make 2 meals from scratch. However,  I didn’t do it from the beginning. I already had a killer website with several city pages ranking one. So let’s take it one step further. Or should I say, let’s back up one step?

Market domination starts with a call with me!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

Let’s Build A City Page From Scratch.

Let’s build a webpage from scratch. Let’s build links to that page. Let’s built citations, and give it a good helping of social media exposure. Then let’s see if we can get a lead. Then I will show you my steps on how to seal a deal, sign the contract and go through the closing process. And we will not stop with the payday. no. no. Let’s try to find a lead to actually flip.

Once we bought the property we will end that adventure on this blog, and we will continue that flipping adventure on our House  Flippin Blog. (most of you know I have 2 main blogs. One is dedicated to how to be a successful investor which is this blog, and the second blog just shares our flipping adventures where we will show you step by step how we flip houses).

So it will be very advantageous to you newbies to follow along with me. Don’t just follow along with reading. Really follow along. Get your website, and get ready to set it up, build a city page to target a specific city. Then you can do as we do, and you can ask questions as we all proceed. How cool is that? Are you all in?

Getting Started!

OK Let’s get this thing going! As always this is not an after-the-fact investment story where all already has happened. No no, my dear Watson. This is a diary-style blog. So I have no idea how long it will take to get a lead or how long it will take to rank (not that long as I already have a strong DA. (if this is foreign lingo to you ask me and I will write a post on the lingo).

Those that follow along I have a gift for you. Write the city page URL in the comments below and I will:

  1. give you a juicy backlink
  2. and I will check out your site and give you an SEO evaluation

I am really trying for you to be successful so jump on this! You have nothing to lose.

If you do not yet have a website and you want to get one, I highly suggest you get an Investor Carrot site. Not only because they just are the best out there, but you will also rank much faster with them (combined with my teachings) and I know the back end editing platform very well so I can help you much more efficiently.

But alas that’s up to you what you choose. Know though I will try to help if you get the other platform I am not going to spend much time trying to learn a completely new platform just because you chose that one. You have been warned.

For those that want to follow my advice and go for the Investor Carrot check out their site first before you buy (Click The Carrot Below).

Realize just buying a site is not going to suddenly give you leads. You need to rank high. Once you buy the site go through the tutorials to do at least the basics.

Get Leads RIGHT NOW.

Get leads right now! No no, seriously… get your first lead within the next HOUR!! While your site is aging and climbing the ranks you CAN get leads IMMEDIATELY this very second.

How? Go here:

Use these free templates to place craigslist ads to have motivated sellers to jump to your website this very second! If your website is then set up “right”, you will have people converting and asking you to buy their house!

Also, make sure you attend this seminar. (it is not desperately needed to get  leads it will help you greatly if you check it out). The craigslist step is DEFINITELY needed to get leads immediately without your site has to rank.

OK, now you are ready to rock. Once you are this far we can proceed. A for me? I will create a city page for the City of Putnam CT. It is an up and coming city, with almost no competition. This is very easy pickings and I am sure I will get several good leads within days!

I help Flippers & Wholesalers get 4-12 Leads daily!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

So to get started, let’s set up a list of tasks for you to tackle right now.

1. Find A Good City To Invest In.

Do this with a bit of thought behind it. Do a bit of research. Find out if there is competition. Check their websites. Does it seem like they know what they are doing when it comes to SEO? Is there a good market? Is there business, a university, a mall, a hospital established businesses. Are the taxes payable, are there good school districts? Basically, do people want to move there? If you have trouble with these questions call agents. Ask them what cities are up and coming. Up and coming cities usually do not have much competition as they are not yet very established but it is getting there.

2. Pick A Good Website Platform.

I have been preaching relentlessly to pick the IC sites so I will not stress this anymore. Pick something you will stick to. Once it all set up and you invested time and money to rank the page, you really do not want to deal with changing hosts and potentially losing your Google Ranks!

3. Set Up Your Site Focusing On Conversion

Don’t bother making your site pretty. I have noticed that the prettier the site the worse it performs. Do not ask me why. DO not bother on making your sit perfect. Just be credible. SHow how you can help, show why you are different/better than your competition, AND BE HONEST!!!

There are enough shady investors out there. The way we stand out is easy. We simply are honest. Never take advantage of those less fortunate and be a stand-up person!

Set up your site by following the amazing tutorials Investor Carrot provides. If you do not choose investor carrot, you can still access their tutorials to set up your site. How awesome is that?

This post is getting a bit long. This are plenty of steps for now. In the next post, I will tackle these 3 assignments with you. If you plan on doing this with me together, get your sites ready and let me know in the comments what your domain is. 😉