How To Find Motivated Sellers Online

How To Find Motivated Sellers

Finding Motivated Sellers is easier than you think, and I will show you exactly how it is done. It doesn’t matter what your niche is (wholesaling, flipping or even increasing the number of doors in your portfolio), and it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or a serious investors of 30 years, there are 2 main ways to do this.

1. If you are good-looking, handsome, just OMG yumsicles, you would get them without any effort. How do I know? Well I get them with any effort. I am living proof. But no worries if you are fugly, I still can help you with that (no not your fugly-ness, your lead-generation-ness). Say “Thank You Jerryll”!

In this entry:

2. I will tell you the exact steps you need to take, STEP-BY-STEP without you to having to do much thinking, to start getting quality leads in a week or 2! Yes that fast, and it won’t include crap like Direct Mail Marketing, or Cold calling! EEEWWW!!!!!

Credibility Is The Catalyst To Conversion.

-Jerryll The MSOOTKAUG Noorden

There Is No Way To Find Motivated Sellers. Done. End Of Blog Post. Go Home! Be Depressed. Stop Going To The Gym. Why Bother. Eat Fatty Foods! Yell At Your Dog. Be Miserable. You Will Never Amount To Anything In Life, And You Smell REALLY Funny!

I hate to break it to you but sadly, you can’t simply “extract” motivated sellers from the general public and pitch your pitch. There exists no criteria that filters motivated sellers from the public. Don’t believe me? I can prove why you can’t use lists to find motivated sellers.

Motivated sellers simply have to find YOU, by putting out an irresistible-to-motivated-sellers lure; a friggin AWESOME credible #1 ranking website!


It's Not About FINDING Motivated Sellers, It Is About Converting Them

Do a Google search for “How To Find Motivated Sellers“, and you’ll see that every friggin damn website will start going off on how to do DMM, Cold Calling, D4$, Door knocking.

Do you all understand that this is NOT “Finding Motivated Sellers”! What they are teaching you is how to reach “people”, and then ask them, fingers crossed, if they want to sell at a discount. Note thatI said “PEOPLE” not “Motivated Sellers“.

That is NOT how you find motivated sellers. The goal is to get motivated seller leads. You need to focus on conversions (not randomly finding people). THAT is how you find motivated sellers.


The Plan

The plan is to construct an amazing website that is fine-tuned for credibility and conversions, and then drive (motivated) traffic to your website. I promise you that this method is FAR more efficient than cold calling, driving for dollars, direct mail marketing, door knocking and ANY other method of finding motivated seller leads you can think of. It will all be addressed and explained in this post, so keep reading.

This plan is simple and I believe everyone knows this concept. The problem is that truly no-one does it right!

In this post I will give you all the education, the theory, examples and the exact steps to take to start generating motivated seller leads by the end of the next 2 weeks!


How To Find Real Estate Leads?

Well, in all honesty, ideally, you don’t! You don’t really want to find, look for, or chase motivated sellers. You want motivated sellers to look, find, and chase YOU!  Right?

That is ONLY accomplished with a #1 ranking website. (Here’s How To Rank Your Motivated Seller Website #1 and start to get a ridiculous amount of highly motivated seller leads online (and for FREE)).

BUT… what if you want motivated seller leads NOW? As in NOW now, tomorrow! What if you do not want to wait for your website to rank #1? What if you want to make money right now? Well…. if you are one of these impatient people… I mean, motivated-for-success people, I got you too!


The 1 Concept To Understand To Generate An Unlimited Amount Of Motivated Seller Leads Online!

To find motivated seller leads you really need to understand a simple concept. I promise you that if you take the time to really read this, patiently and with full attention you’ll have a crazy ridiculous chance to make your millions a year just like we do.


You Don't Get Motivated Seller Leads By Ranking #1 On Google!!

Wait What?!

You heard me! Ranking #1 On Google doesn’t get you leads, it gets you, TRAFFIC! Not leads!

The second you do a search for how to generate leads for your real estate investing business, EVERYONE immediately starts to talk about how to do DMM, and how to do SEO, and how to rank your site #1 and cold calling and door knocking and …..  come on man. NONE of that gets you leads. That’s traffic. Not leads!

You still need to convert that traffic into leads. There is only ONE system that can do that. That system is called “Credibility“. ONLY credibility can convert that traffic into leads. You dig?


There are 2 things you need to focus on to successfully generate leads in real estate


The 2-Step Approach To Generate Leads In Real Estate

This is something no one addresses. If you have followed advise from the gurus and you still can’t seem to make it as an investor, read this section carefully.

1. Focus On Credibility, As That Will Give You Conversions (Leads)

So the (ONLY) way to find motivated sellers whether it is online through a website, Direct Mail Marketing, Cold Calling, Driving For Dollars, or what ever you fancy, is by mastering credibility to get conversions. Not because you send 1000 mailers does it mean you WILL get a deal, right? Before they will deal with you they need to be convinced you are credible, and legit!


2. Focus On Finding Motivated Sellers Because If A Seller Doesn't Want To Sell They Won't Sell!

You can be the best, the smartest, and the most credible home cash buyer on the planet, but if you can’t reach people that are motivated to sell, you won’t make any deals!

That is why the second thing you need to focus on is motivation. How do you find people that are motivated to sell. Where, as in, in what direction do you point your marketing gun at, to send your marketing pieces to so you will make sure motivated sellers see them?


The Questions You Need To Ask:

  • How do I convert inbound traffic into leads?
  • How do I get my traffic to fill in my forms and BECOME leads?

Getting traffic… is EASY. Send out 50K mailers out and you will get a TON of phone calls.. sure 90% are angry at you, but you get phone calls nonetheless… that is TRAFFIC. Those are not leads. HOW do you get that traffic to fill in your forms! THAT is the question!

Let’s Start With The Basics. Who better to teach anything than a NASA scientist right? So pay attention.

The Steps:

1. Understand What A Motivated Seller Lead Is

To make sure all the steps I will present to you are done correctly, you really do need to understand what a motivated seller is.

STOP. HUSH. Shut it! I know what you are thinking … “I Gaadamn know what a damn motivated seller is, lets move on, sheeeet!“.  No-You-FRIGGIN-DON’T!



To Find Motivated Sellers One First Needs To Understand "Motivation".

Now you know why the first step to finding motivated seller leads is to understand motivation. Understand what exactly a motivated seller lead is, how a motivated seller lead thinks, how they behave, what their pain point is, what their characteristics are and how to recognize them. Only after you know this information only then can you set out to find them! Yes?

If you do not understand what a lead is, you will just get traffic and wonder why you are not closing any deals or why no one is filling out your forms. Isn’t it astounding that every Google result you find when you do a search on how to generate motivated seller leads.. NO WEBSITE PERIOD even talks about this?! They all dive into traffic TRAFFIC TRAAAAAFFILCCCCCCC like mindless chicken without a head!

So now that you understand what a motivated seller lead is, how do you find these motivated sellers?

What Is A Motivated Seller?

MANY many many many mannnny will define a motivated seller as someone that has a strong need to sell their house.  WRONG!! That is NOT a motivated seller, at least not to me!

Realize this:

  • A motivated seller lead is not someone that wants to sell their house.
  • A motivated seller lead is not someone that NEEEEDS to sell their house.
  • A motivated seller lead is not even a person that desperately begs you to please please please buy their house from them.

wait whaaaaa?!?“. Shut up little man and listen! Focus!

A motivated seller is someone, anyone that is willing to accept a below market value offer for their house regardless of the reasons, regardless of their whys, situation, or circumstance, and it is absolutely and completely irrelevant how strong their need to sell is!

Do you know how may homerun deals we have made by buying a house from someone that didn’t NEEEEED to sell their house? Often! So there you go “experts” You are wrong I am right. In yo fayce!

So in our space, a lead is someone that is willing to sell their house BELOW market value… not just someone in foreclosure, or not even someone in foreclosure desperately needing to sell their house.


Do you know HOW many people in foreclosure I have come across that were stubborn idiotic pieces of … bacon… that want 3X the ARV of their house and won’t budge?! Those are NOT motivated seller leads, those are a waste of my time!


The key here is to really truly and completely understand the motivated seller. What they think, how they feel, their mood, their concerns dealing with cash buyers, EVERYTHING. Then we build a website that addresses every-single-one of these issues, thereby optimizing your website for conversions!


2. Build A Credible Motivated Sellers Website

[😤Sigh😩] and [🙄Eyeroll🙄]. Yeah yeah, .. you done? Now you friggin listen up. ANY business without a website is shady (to the consumer). Any business without a website, doesn’t exist. No matter what you plan on doing, cold calling, DMM, Driving for dollars, you ABSOLUTELY NEED a credible website.


So, build a credible website based on your new knowledge of what a motivated seller is, how they think, what their pain points are and how they see the world (including your website) having these pain points!

Credibility is important, really important. So much so that I have devoted an entire blog post about it that you really shoukld read before you tackle your website. See this as a prerequisite to completing the task on this post.

Market domination starts with a call with me!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

Why A (Credible) Website Is CRUCIAL

Here is the secret to marketing, and here is where SO many of you fail miserably. The message of any and all of your marketing pieces should NEVER be” “Hey, sell me your house”. Big mistake. Your message should always be: “Hey, visit My Website!“.

Let me explain. Imagine you are sending out 30,000 Direct Mail pieces. Your message on these mailers should not be “if you want to sell your house, give us a call 1-800- ImA-Clown”. NO bad clown! Bad!

The message on your mailer shoul dread something like this: “Hey Floyd, my name is Jerryll [place a good credible picture of you on said mailer]. If you have ever considered selling your house, I want you to know that you found a buyer in me. I pay cash, I pay all closing fees and best part is that we are fast. For more information, please visit my website”


The call to action in the first scenario is selling their house.

The call to action to the second case scenario is to visit my website. Baby steps. It is far easier for them to visit your website than it is to give you a call when they may not even be ready to sell yet.

A 4″x 6″ postcard will never have enough real estate on it to make you seem credible, but a website however, has your name, your face, your number, address, reviews, testimonials, pictures of the houses you bought etc. etc. There is NOTHING that converts better than a full blown website (not a squeeze page).

The Difference Between A Squeeze Page And A Website

Not all websites are equal, duh. You have different kinds of websites of which 2 are most popular. One is the infamous squeeze page, while most people have full blown websites.

A Squeeze page is a website that consists out of one page, without any links, without any distractions and the only thing anyone can do on that page is to fill in the form, while a website has multiple webpages (think the “how it works” page, and the “About Us” page.

Do Not Use Squeeze Pages!

Squeeze pages have worked very well for companies like Nike, Samsung, Adidas, Toyota, Microsoft and all these huge companies that use them. People then see what they are doing and eagerly conclude that squeeze pages work.


The reason it works for Nike and the like is because they are CREDIBLE! They have all the credibility they need to get away with this.

You however are not Nike! When someone lands on your squeeze page and you do not provide them with a well organized “How It Works” page, and an “About Us” page, and a “Reviews” page etc. etc., no one will fill in your forms. Squeeze pages are a joke. Remember I promised always data, always proof, right? Well here you have it:


The two pictures you see above is what we call a heat map. The first is an actual heatmap. It shows where people click on my website. The more clicks an area or a link or a picture gets the more it gets highlighted.

The second picture is a “confetti” representation of the traffic engagement on my website. The little balls represent the actual clicks, thus it shows exactly where people click on my website. This is invaluable data I use to understand motivated sellers and conversions.

How? I will show you!

You need to draw a few conclusions to truly understand the point I am trying to make.

1) Every click you see here came from someone that was truly motivated. How do I know? Because on my website I don’t do any paid marketing, which means every single click was organic. They did a google search, and found my website and started browsing it.


2) Every single click you see here came from someone that did NOT-YET-FILL-IN-THE-FORM! How do I know?

Well I am a genius, that’s how! No worries though, you keep reading my blog posts and you too will be a genius (when you fall asleep at night dreaming about being just like me).


Squeeze Pages Do Not Transfer Credibility

Here is how I know that every single click on my website came from someone that did not yet fill in the form.

I am not running an entertainment website. My website doesn’t have half naked ducklings, or fancy cars. People that land on my website need to sell a house, and once they fill in the form, guess what… there are no more clicks, they bounce. They leave the website and wait for their offer. So again here is what we can conclude from the data we have.


Putting It All Together

These pictures represent a blueprint, a behavioral map of how a motivated seller acts and behaves on the website. The pictures show you exactly where a motivated seller clicked on last before filling in the form. This data shows you what a motivated seller NEEDS to see, read, know TO fill in the forms.

What do we see? Well we see that they clicked on the how it works page and they clicked on the about us page.

In other words, in order for your traffic to fill in the form they NEED to know how it works, and they NEED to know more about you, otherwise they will NOT fill in the forms.. GAAAAFRIGGINDAMNIT WHERE IS MY STINKING APPLAUSE. Take that, all you gurus out there, you got NOTHING on me sheeeet! Who is the best? Jerryll is damnit! Ahem… what was that?!

Do you see why squeeze pages are not ideal? Again if you are “”, then sure, you have all the credibility you will ever need to get away with squeeze pages, but if you are a nobody (sorry, but you are), people NEED to see how it works, and they need to see who you are for them to know whether or not they want to work with you. Moving on…

So How Exactly Do You Create A Website?

If I explain here how exactly to create a website this blog post will be way too long (it is already), but like I told you in the beginning, I got you. I have started free lessons where I explain in person step by step how to not only create a website but how to rank it #1 on Google AND how to get leads both organic and through paid marketing.

To get access to this  all you have to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel and my Instagram channel.

And if you truly are a glutton for success, how we flip houses, how we find amazing leads how we wholesale and how we scale the amount of rental properties we have, you should follow ALL our social media channels. I will provide different tips and tricks on each channel making it useful for you to be a part of it all.

FREE Step By Step Lessons On Stepping Up Your SEO Game (Including Building Your Motivated Seller Website)

I have started recording videos on how to build your own website, how to pick domain names, how to do it all. These come in a series of videos (that I am currently recording), to get you where you need to be. Here is a sample lesson. It starts really easy, but it will pick up, don’t you worry.

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3. Drive Motivated Traffic To Your Website

You now have an amazing motivated sellers website, that is ready to receive traffic and convert that traffic into leads so you can finally start making those ridiculous real estate investing checks you see all these gurus holding up. Not so fast  though… easy Sea-Biscuit!

We don’t just want any traffic to be sent to your website. We want motivated traffic. So how do we do that?


Filter For Motivation - Quality First, Then Focus On Quantity

Understand there are many ways to drive traffic to your website:

Cold Calling, Direct Mail Marketing, Door Knocking etc. etc. Sadly despite popular belief, those do NOT get you motivated traffic. Those get you traffic, ANY traffic. No, I am sorry to disappoint you but you filtering your list based on absentee owners, foreclosures, job losses, tax liens, or what ever you do, does not filter for motivation. You are filtering your list based on criteria that have NOTHING to do with motivation. You do not need to take this from me on faith. Your own data supports this.


Approaching The Right Audience, With The Right Message

If I have 1000 people in front of me starving of hunger and I tell them: “Who wants a sandwich?”, how many people do you think will raise their hand? ALL of them, 1000, 100% conversion rate. Why?

I approached the RIGHT audience with the RIGHT message, right?

Now if you have to make 1000 calls to get one miserable deal, or if you have to send out 3000 postcards to get one contract signed, isn’t it obvious you are not targeting the right audience (with the right message).



Why Marketing Through Lists Don't Work

Consider this. You are filtering your list based on whether they are absentee owners or not, AND based on zero mortgage left. Lets think about this:

You have an absentee owner, that has no mortgage left. An absentee owner has at least 2 houses, right? If they have 2 houses, doesn’t it mean they WANTED 2 houses? If they have 2 houses don’t you think they had enough money to buy 2 houses? Why would you simply assume that because they have 2 houses not only do they want to sell one, but they want to sell at below market value? It is plain and simply stupid how investors think! Even worse… so now you are filtering your list based on whether or not they are absentee owners AND 0 mortgage left. So you are targeting people that have enough money and enough desire to own 2 houses AND that have no mortgage to pay (0 mortgage left). WHY the FROG do you think they want to sell? Don’t be STUPID people, seriously I can’t stand stupidity, lack of intelligence, lack of thinking and pure retardedness. Stop. Just stop!

I have now given you plenty of proof that lists are crap. They do not get you motivated sellers. If you only knew that from the 100 to 200 leads I get every month only an insignificant amount of them are in foreclosure, job loss, death in family, tax liens etc. etc. These are NOT the people that fill in the forms on my website organically. Those are not likely people that are motivated!

Here are some better ways to drive traffic to your website.

Paid Marketing:

  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • PPC

Free Marketing:

  • Blogging
  • Facebook Organic Posts
  • Instagram Organic Posts
  • YouTube Organic Video Posts
  • Interacting, & Contributing To Home Owner Interested Sites

These methods inherently (to certain extent) filter those that are motivated from those that are not. People are far more likely to have serious intentions of selling their house through these channels than those based on lists. You just need to know how to write great ads and produce quality, credible videos on YouTube.


I will write blog posts on each of these methods, so you can do it on your own if you wanted to. Make sure you subscribe to this blog so you know when I release these posts. Remember we make MILLIONS doing the exact same thing as I am teaching here, and you know why this is real and legit? Because I KNOW you have realized that EVERYTHING I say or claim is LOGIC, DATA driven, makes common sense and I prove everything. So if you finally want to make it big, after trying everything else under the sun, lucky you, you found the holy grail to success as a real estate investor!


This is all for now. In a following blog post, that I will only share with my social media subscribers, I will go deep into how to get the contract signed for a number that works for you. I will give you my wholesaling script that works 66% of the time for free… if you subscribe to my channels.

I help Flippers & Wholesalers get 4-12 Leads daily!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

2. Understand The Difference Between "Conversions" & "Motivated Seller Conversions".

The best way to find motivated sellers, is for them to find you. Sadly, that is just the first step. After they find you it is not a given they will beg you to please make them an offer. Conversion is the next step. Conversions are what we are after.

Again, not all conversions are equal. The point of your website is NOT to convert traffic into leads. That is easy. Read my zulu lips buttercup… TOO EASY!! Offer a free Tesla with every form they fill, and I bet your stinky monkey butt you will get a ton of leads right?

Will these leads be motivated?


The point here is not to get just “conversions“… the point here, the point to your website, is to filter truly motivated traffic from the non-motivated traffic and kick the non motivated traffic off your site and have the motivated traffic to fill in your forms. Wait wait wait… here is a correction I should make for those of you that want some ninjapoop advanced SEO secret tactics…

Serious SEO Hint:

For the NON-motivated sellers.. you do NOT want to kick them off your website. You want them to stay on your website for as long as possible… why? Because Google will see that your traffic stays on your website and thus ranks you higher?

GAADAMNIT have you not learned a damn thing from your overlord Ninja Master World most handsomestsests being on the planet, no universe, no galaxy (what is bigger universe of galaxy??) for crying out loud, get in your corner.

NO you monkeyfart, we do not give a flying corn-invested, rainbow-colored,  monkey-turd about Google. The reason why we DO want them on your site longer is because there is no such thing as a “non-motivated seller” (well there is but shut up), … a “non-motivated seller” is just a motivated seller that does not know.. YET they are motivated.

If they are on your site that means they had a reason to click on it yes? Yes.

So… who knows..

eventually, in a week, a month, 4 years… they could very well become motivated and if you have made an early good impression… guess who they will look for when time DOES come to sell? The longer they stay on your website, the more they learn and are exposed to you, the more they like you (even more if you look like me), and well… they WILL come back.

Got it?


Where were we…

Ohh yeah… “motivated seller conversions” vs. “conversions

Now, how often have you seen websites from competitors that will say “We offer top dollar“. I laugh at you… I mean “them“. I point, and laugh, and call you offensive names, and tell you that you smell like 3 week old dead monkey ass butt! That is what I do when I see ridiculousness like that.

NO gaadamnit. No you!! No!

We are not after leads. We are after MOTIVATED seller leads, duh!!

You need to make sure your traffic understands what this service is for, and they need to know that they should not expect top dollar and they should only proceed if they are aware that the offer may very well be below market value. Does this mean you need to make sure they know you will lowball them? Of course not. We absolutely do our best to give them the absolute most we can possibly give them, but that is the thing.. we explain things and let them know how we make our offers so they are not surprised and in suspense when offer time comes. If they read the how it works section on our website they are fully aware how it works and they are not stupid.. they know very well what shape their house is in and they have a good idea what to expect.

The secret to lead generation is NOT getting more traffic. The secret to lead generation is just that, GENERATE more leads! Conversion!

There is only ONE thing that will get you conversions i.e. leads… and that is  yup, you guessed it. Credibility!

So lets talk about sex bay-bee lets talk about you and mee , lets talk about all the good things… wait.. screw that. Lets talk about Credibiliteyhh. Who cares about sex when we can talk about conversions.

One of the packages we offer is called the credibility package. We devoted an entire product just to “Credibility” Strategies. So obviously, we don’t mess around. Credibility is some serious stuffs!!

Itsahh Goodah Foh Yahh. But ok I guess I am not yet THAT credible for you to just buy into it (yes I am), but you WILL after you read this, and as a bonus, you will most likely get a ton more leads taking this blog post seriously.

See, I figured I can explain our credibility package while giving you cheapo freeloaders a ton of value at the same time. Isn’t THAT just nice of me! OK ready?


Credibility is everything!

Well!! There. There you have it. That wasn’t so bad was it? That’ll be $1,400,000.- Thank you, the end!

OK OK fine fine, consider “my” definition of “Credibility” as applied to this REI space:

Credibility is that “motivation” a person that lands on your page needs, to fill in the form, with the intention of selling their house to you, below market value, based on the believability that you actually will, and can do what you claim you will do. Read that last sentence again. And again.

See most get this wrong, and in order for me to explain it so you fully understand this you need to consider the following:

1. Credibility Vs. UVP: Know The Difference

A UVP (Unique Value Proposition) is a clear statement that describes the benefit you or your company offers, and how it distinguishes you from the competition. In other words, what unique value are you offering to your traffic that your competition does not offer. Obviously your UVP is important, but it doesn’t even come close to your credibility score.

So, back to credibility:

Credibility is that “motivation” (inner voice, trust) a person that lands on your page needs, to fill in the form, with the intention of selling their house to you, below market value, based on the believability that you actually will, and can do what you claim you will do.

Promising someone a TV, or free moving services if they choose you to do business with, may increase your conversion rate, but not your credibility score, and definitely not the lead quality. In-fact, it lowers your average lead quality! See, if you are not credible, they wouldn’t even believe you would give them the TV in the first place. Lead Generation STARTS with credibility. Only AFTER your traffic believes you are credible only THEN will they take anything you say seriously. That’s how it works (usually).

The more desperate someone is to sell their house, the more credible you need to be. Most people if not ALL have this reversed. Most people think that if they are very desperate, they will fill in the form because, well, they are very desperate. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is established that the longer your traffic stays on your site the more likely they will fill in the form. Well yeah but it is the other way around, you weirdos. The more motivated someone is, the more they will go through your content till either you stop being credible to them, or they reached a point where they are convinced you are credible and fill in the form.

See it this way… If someone needs to sell desperately, they can’t afford to waste time with tire kickers or people in general that possibly wouldn’t go through with buying their house in cash. They need to be SURE you will buy their house and not waste their time. That, by default, is what it means to be a very motivated seller, and this is the reason paid ads do not attract motivated sellers, unless you do it right, and most don’t. They will accept a lower offer in return for the certainty you WILL buy their house fast. And how can they possibly know you will buy their house (fast)? They CAN’T, it is all about trust, faith that you will, credibility! Exactly!

1. Credibility Is Not As Simple As You May Think

Credibility is the most deceiving part of the game. Everyone thinks they have it dialed in (which simply means everyone thinks the more credibility metrics you introduce to your site the better). Well let me ask you this. What happens when you try too hard to make someone believe you. They believe you less.

Credibility is NOT, “the completion of a certain set of tasks, like putting a picture of your sexy wife on your website holding a damn hammer pretending to swing at that poor 2×4 when that piece of wood did nothing to that.. bi…eeeeautiful woman!

Credibility is the DESIRED RESULT, completing a certain set of tasks has on someone, not the action of completing these sets of tasks. What this means is simply this:

Not because you can check off a list of credibility tasks (like putting a picture up of yourself, and putting three thousand reviews up on your page, and…, and…, and…), it suddenly means you are now credible, “voila!”.

2. How Credibility Works

Credibility is no challenge when there is abundant proof available. On this site for example, I target investors. On my “We Buy Houses In Connecticut” motivated sellers website, I target motivated sellers. The tasks to be applied, so that you will be considered “credible”, depends on what audience you target.

Here, on my SEO For Real Estate Investors site, I don’t need to print a polo with my logo on it and upload a picture of myself wearing it. I don’t need to be BBB accredited. You are savvy. You are results driven. You see I am ranking #-1 all over Google. You see I have leads coming out of my butthole.

You see I don’t pay a cent for my leads. You see me buying houses. You see videos of me closing on properties. You see our closing attorney freaking out every time we close on a house where he can’t understand how we get them so cheap. You see videos of my broker in disbelieve how we continuously get these crazy insane leads of motivated sellers. You see my before and after house flip pictures.

You see me all over Biggerpockets correcting everyone about SEO. You see that I am good, no, you see I am insanely good (aww thank you thank you, you only say it because it’s true!). I do not need to prove it to you.

Not once have I been asked to show proof of my skills and talents. Why? Because I am credible, and this is all you care about. Do you really care what I look like? Do you care about “my company” page and my “about us” page? As long as you see I can deliver, you couldn’t care less. But try that on your motivated seller website and you get no conversions.

The challenge most of us have, especially those that are new, is that you have no proof you are credible. You can say all you want about yourself, but the better it sounds the less credible you become!

So how do you become credible when you have nothing to show for it? How do you convince people you can and will do what you claim you will do, and how do you quantify your ability and capability to do so? You see, credibility in its most primal form boils down to one simple thing.


Flat out telling people you are the best there ever was, is, or ever will be, at what you do, without actually telling them that. What ever it is what you do, pleasing your customers, buying houses in cash, giving fair offers, creating win-win situations, if you can convince people without a doubt you are the best at it, people will most likely believe you. Now how do you convince people this without telling them.

3. Indirect Credibility Strategies ALWAYS Trump Direct Credibility Strategies.

See, in order for you to believe I am credible, other people need to state this, not me. You lose credibility if you blow your own horn (unless you have substantial indisputable proof, and even then you need to be careful as you do not want to come across as arrogant, look who is talking right? Shutups!).

This brings us to the core of our credibility strategies:

  1. You increase your credibility score when other people talk about how good you are, seemingly by their own initiative, without bribe, asking or compensation.
  2. You increase your credibility score when it (seemingly) CLEARLY wasn’t your intention to show/say/insinuate how good you are (obviously it was).

These 2 points encapsulate all there is and ever will be concerning successful credibility strategies. We develop strategies based on these 2 rules of credibility

We cover all these in dept strategies in the credibility package. Both of these points need to be done in a very strategic way. If you think that you can simply have a few reviews of people talking about how good their experience was with you, think again! How often do you see a review from a competitor, and you think it just doesn’t seem organic or natural, almost as if they are doing it against their will?

Methods like these are tricky because people will know that even though the review may be real, they were not leaving that review because they were satisfied. It feels like they do it because you asked them to. And that is exactly the thing about credibility. Credibility is part logic and a whole lot of emotion. If they just have this “feeling” something is shady, done! Game over, you lost, your competitor wins!  Now you know what Credibility is. Lets talk about how we will tackle it on our amazing platform.

2. Applied Credibility Dissected

It is funny that everyone talks about on-page and off-page SEO, but no one mentions on-page and off-page credibility. So I Jerryll The MSOOTKAUG Noorden will introduce this.

1. Off-Page Credibility

As I write this article on Monday October 14, 2019, I have never ever done any paid marketing. Ironically, I am writing this content now because we are launching this product through paid advertising but regardless, as of this point in time there has been no advertising on our part. Yet we get clients requests like clockwork. How? Well this is where off-page credibility comes in. Every single client I have now found ME, I did not find them. They sought me out because they saw me on Biggerpockets. So consider this. If you found me through any means other than my website here and are tempted to buy my products, then this strategy worked on YOU! You considered me credible before you even landed on my page and all you need to know now is how much it costs. You already know my products work, or at least you think you do and you are ready to fill in the form, or give me a call. We apply the same strategies to your motivated sellers and we 10X it! (remember, they are a different audience).

2. On-Page Credibility

On-Page Credibility is whatever you put on your website to make you more credible when your traffic sees it. Now, if you found me through my ads, that we are about to launch, I have ZERO doubt you will think I am credible AFTER you browse through this website. The challenge here is, what makes you think people will read your content? They need to be interested first. This too is part of on-page credibility strategies.

Getting Your Traffic To Read Your Content

You wouldn’t land on my website if you didn’t have a pain that needed to be eradicated. You have a current situation and you have a desired situation. If these two situations are not the same, if there is a distance between these two, you have a “pain” that you want gone.

Your current situation: is that you do not get nearly as many leads I am getting for free and even if you have a few leads here and there they are not nearly as motivated as mine. That is your current situation.

Your desired situation: is that you want to be where I am. Free leads, every day, of outstanding quality, motivation, or desperation to sell.

Your pain: is that you have to pay for your leads, you do not get many and the leads flat out suck! You have no idea when the next deal will come from and you are not certain of anything. That is your pain.

The more distance between the current situation and your desired situation the more interested you will be in my site to see if I can truly get you to the desired situation (Yes I absolutely can). The  sooner you can make this ( their pain, the gap, the separation between their current condition and their desired condition) clear on your website, the more appealing your content will be to read to them.

Take this SEO site as an example:

The moment you go through my site you will quickly realize how good I have it and therefore how bad you have it (creating separation between current situation and desired situation). Then, you immediately see proof browsing through my pages, that simply cannot be faked. You will try to find holes and flaws in my theories, my proof, and my results. And when you simply can’t find any, you consider me credible. Now the only criteria that needs to be satisfied is, them being convinced I can help you as well. If they do, and they have no reason to when they see my reviews, Game Over, You Got A Lead!






Addressing Low Quality Leads


Keep in mind that this blog article focuses on getting leads NOW, but realize that this is just an intermediate step to the real goal, which is ranking your credible website #1 so you NEVER again have to pay for marketing while the leads a #1 website produces are infinitely higher quality than the leads you will get through paid marketing.

The way we address lower quality leads through paid marketing is with your website.

A good website is NOT designed to get as many leads as possible. A good website is designed to let MOTIVATED leads through while deterring people that are not motivated to sell (there are plenty of people that are not motivated and just want to see how much you would offer for their house in cash, time wasters!)