How I Get My Offers Accepted

I realized all I do here is talk about SEO. This is because I get all my leads from SEO. I used to do direct mail marketing but it is just way too expensive, and it always me that is looking for the leads. Leads are stronger when they look for you. But apart from SEO it totally escaped my mind to also talk about actual investing. So why not go over How I get my offers accepted? This should be interesting and useful for any serious investor from Michigan to Orlando and anywhere in between

So last week I received a lead on my site (SEE? SEO!).

I checked out of the house and the house seemed promising. It is in a VERY sought after city in CT so that was great. So all looked fantastic. From Trulia and Zillow, the house looked TINY, but when you get there, they added a HUGE addition. The best thing is that that addition is just a shell. Outside is done, but internally is just studs. A blank canvas. Just a few moments ago I received an email from the seller. The offer is accepted.

So this is just a teaser for now. I intend to go over stop by step how:

  • I walked the house,
  • spoke to the seller,
  • made an offer,
  • estimated the repair costs
  • Verified my numbers and the deal.

As I am going to write it, this would be a great time with specific questions so I can focus my writing on answering them

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