The ULTIMATE SEO For Real Estate Investors Guide 2023 & Beyond

SEO For Real Estate Investors, A Comprehensive "How To" Guide For 2022 & Beyond!

SEO For Real Estate Investors, or Search Engine Optimization For Real Estate Investors, deals with optimizing your website to rank #1 on Google. Although this sounds very technical, any one can do this, quite easily I might add, if you just learn how to submit to the Overlord supreme (me duh), and obey my every command.


Keep in mind, ranking #1, is the EASY part. It is getting your forms filled is what everyone is neglecting!

Only When You Understand "Conversions", Will You Understand Rankings

People want to see the answer to their question clearly, and immediately the second they land on a website. I get it. You are searching for how to do SEO for your real estate investing or motivated sellers website, and you simply want a no BS simple, clean, and easy to follow list of things to do ordered, and complete, that will get you where you need to be on Google with minimal effort. YES I get it. 


Now Hear This:

If I simply gave you a list of things to do, you would be doing it wrong. I promise you this, I guarantee it. My website would be the exact same thing as all these other websites offering tips and tricks on how to rank your motivated seller website #1 on Google (those lists are all wrong btw…).


BECAUSE the public is SO damn brainwashed by what all these “experts” keep (erroneously) preaching: “Keywords”, “Backlinks”, “Domain Authority”, if I gave you the TRUE list of things to do, to apply SEO to your motivated seller website the correct way, you wouldn’t “get it” and you would be doing it completely wrong and you would get no results.

Have you gotten results from what all these experts are telling you to do? NO! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here on line on my website STILL looking for the answer, right?

You NEED a shift in mindset, a shift in the way you need to think when it comes to ranking on Google, and if I am to help you dominate you do need to fully understand the most basic principles of a “Conversion”.


ONLY when you understand conversions will you understand ranking!


That said, there are 2 parts to this blog entry. First the mindset shift, and second, the Ultimate Guide To Do SEO For Real Estate.

I would thus like to get things started with the “Mindset Shift”…

Part 1: A Simple Mindset Shift.
Understanding The Anatomy Of A Conversion

For you to have even the slightest chance of understanding how to rank your motivated seller website #1 on Google, you first need to understand the anatomy of a conversion!


But first, riddle me this, riddle me that

Why Doesn't ANYONE Show Actual Proof?!

Allow me to demonstrate how easy it is to show proof. Look, look, all you do is…. this.

See? How easy that was? Right?? OK your turn!

No? Dude it really is not that hard. Wait let me show you again, but pay attention this time Y’hear? Watch carefully…


I help Flippers & Wholesalers get 4-12 Leads daily!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!



Oh.. and BTW,  these are not leads from all our cumulative students, oh hell no! These are the leads I personally get from my ONE motivated seller leads website: We Buy Houses In Connecticut.


OK now all you gurus out there, all you “experts” out there, all you YouTube influencers out there. Show some proof. Show us all how awesome your SEO and lead gen is. Show me how many leads that “perfect list hack” is giving you, oh and while you are at it, also show me how many hours of work, stress and effort, it cost you too.


OK, well show me how Driving For Dollars is getting you easy leads. What,  that is what you are claiming on your YouTube channel right? Oh wait or was it “67 ways to generate motivated seller leads for free no effort no competition”? AWESOME.. show me the leads you are getting from EACH of those damn 67 methods.


Aww, well that’s a shame! I’ll just walk away with the title then!

Would you people PLEASE STOP teaching others complete horse crap? Please and thank you loveyoubyebyenow!



Look, all these YouTube Influencers with their 300K followers, don’t know any better. They are still promoting Lists, Driving For Dollars, DMM, Cold Calling, RVM, and other ridiculously stupid re-friggin-tarded methods for lead generation that are not just questionable, they are moronic!

Do you understand that if those methods “worked” there would have been a LOT more people being successful as a real estate investor, because EVERYONE is doing these stupid methods. But by all means, don’t just take my word for it just because I sound convincing. FIND THE EVIDENCE! Watch my BPCON2021 talk from beginning to end. I climb on stage LIVE in front of hundreds of investors where I show on a big screen in real time how and why they are ALL simply WRONG!



Want to really be successful? UNSUBSCRIBE yourself rom their channels. Cut yourself off, because you seeing the majority of the people worshipping everything they say IS steering you in the wrong direction. NO distractions! Let GO!

Ranking #1 Means NOTHING If You Don't Get Your Forms Filled!

It is not about rankings, it is about conversions. You need to focus all your SEO efforts on conversions in stead of trying to rank #1.

Off-Market Motivated Seller Lead Generation is not hard at all. The problem is that there is so much noise out there. So many people claiming they got it figured out. Who is right? Who got it figured out? If you are like me, tired of the BS, absolutely don’t care who is the best, and only care about what works and what doesn’t, what info out there is correct and what is complete garbage, you are in luck. We already showed proof… concrete evidence that the strategies I will cover here work.

It is not about an easy convenient list of steps to give for you to apply. The list will come, but without the true understanding of how it all works, that list is like a recipe for fried rice in Korean. Useless!

Now that you have seen that our results are second to none, are you going to obey me and bend the knee?! Now for a daring claim: Ranking #1 is NOT about keywords, backlinks, citations, or content. Shocked yet?


For Crying Out Loud! STOP IT With The "Keywords" Already!!

“Keyword Research”, “Keyword Analysis”, “Keyword Volume”, Keyword this keyword that. OMG it is enough to go crazy, STOOOOOOOOOP IT!!!!!

If you do not know what Keyword Volume is, you can read about it but KNOW this, it is NOT the thing to focus on despite what every single SEO Expert says!

Google is shying away from the actual keywords people are using and Google tries to understand what you were TRULY after, when you typed those keywords in. I rank #1 for “keywords” I don’t even have on my website. Explain THAT one, all you keyword obsessed freaks!


If It Is Not About Keywords, Then What Then?

Good question my silly little sausage muffin you! Here is the deal, when it comes to SEO, Google, Ranking #1, AND Lead Generation, you need to start thinking resonance. Sit down son, let uncle Jerryll blow your mind!

Have you ever typed in a keyword into Google’s search box wrong and Google took the liberty to not only correct it but also show you the results Google THINKS you want and NOT what you actually (erroneously) typed in?

FORGET Friggin “Keywords”, and hello, “Search Intent”.

It is all about resonance. See… that is why I keep telling you mortals to stop it with the technical crap you think SEO is. It is not at all technical. It is in fact very personal.

So what do I mean with resonance? Your website needs to resonate with the reason your traffic is online and on your website for, in the first place. That is what it is all about. As long as Google can decipher what their traffic is after (their intention) and what your website is about (resonance and user experience and satisfaction visiting your website), Google will rank you #1.



If Google knows what your traffic truly wants, and Google has seen a history of happy traffic leaving your website, Google puts 1 and 1 together and concludes:

Well OK, if all this traffic has the intention of “selling their house fast”, and they all seem to be very happy with this website right here, this website right here MUST thus resonate with that traffic’s intention of “selling their houses fast”, and thus now Google will rank your website #1 FOR ANY AND EVERY KEYWORD that has the underlying intention of “needing to sell their house fast” REGARDLESS you having that specific keyword that traffic typed in on your website or not.



Wait… why aren’t you calling me up right now and tell me how friggin AMAZING I am!?!  Do you maybe not realize what this means? Does that little brain of yours not comprehend what this means gaahdamnit?!?

Oh for Pete’s Sake!

This means that I rank #1, REGARDLESS what keyword anyone types in, regardless what keywords your competitor is gunning for, regardless of ANYTHING. I will ALWAYS rank #1 as long as Google recognizes that keyword’s intention as “they need to sell their house”.

Yeah… start dialing. Tell me I am sexy, go’on!

See now why I keep telling you muffins.... it is NOT about keywords, it is about search intent! All you damn SEO experts out there, sit down, let me skool you a thing or 2 damnit.

Asset 2

THAT is why all of you little mortals trying to sound knowledgeable and preach keyword this keyword that, and Domain Authority this and Domain Authority that… it is wrong. YOU are WRONG! I am right all hail Jerryll! BOOM Mic drop applause roars everywhere, the sexy ladies throw their panties at me on stage yeahhh everyone chanting Je-Rryll… Je-Ryll…Je-Rryll… Je-Ryll


OK Snap out of it.. moving on..

How To: SEO For Real Estate Investors?

I could give you a step by step by step list on things to do, like I see so many websites do, BUT what is the fun in that? I want to see you work that little butt off, sweat it and curse at me and … wait. I need to learn how to keep some things in my head and not say them out loud. Let me try again sorry sorry.

I could give you a list of things to do, but you would then do the same thing all these other damn gurus are telling you to do and you damn straight know I am better, sexier, more handsome, better looking, smell better than all of them put together!

You wouldn’t “get it”, if I gave you a list to do. It is not about what exactly you do, it is not about doing what the Google algorithm tells you to do.


It is about UNDERSTANDING the logic behind Google CREATING that algorithm.

So what now? Now we start from the beginning!


Part 2:
The ULTIMATE No-Need-For-ANY-Other-Guide, Guide To SEO For Real Estate Investors For 2022 & Beyond

-written by Jerryll The Handsome, The Kind, The Great, The Destroyer, The Impaler, The Annihilator, The Wise, Intelligent, & GoodLooking

I think now, my little smelly little grasshopper you are ready to commence your training. Are we finally ready to bend the gaadamn knee? Good! Where do we start? Where every hero’s story starts. At the beginning, fool!

What Is SEO For Real Estate Investors?

Wait… you have read this far and you have no idea what SEO For Real Estate Investors is? What is wrong with you! Kidding kidding, allow me to explain… ahem.

SEO For Real Estate Investors, or Search Engine Optimization For Real Estate Investors, deals with optimizing your website to rank #1 on Google. Although this sounds very technical, any one can do this quite easily I might add, if you just learn how to submit to the Overlord supreme (me duh), and obey my every command.

Before you object in any way… ask yourself this question:

Do you want to become successful, yes or no?

OK then. Obey The Overlord! (yeah… sorry… writing or acting all seriously and professionally, is not and will not EVER be my thing.) Lucky for me, I can get away with it because I AM after all the one that gets the results everyone likes to get, so suck it up, buttercup! (Does that rhyme?)


Off-Market MOTIVATED Seller Lead Generation Like A Damn BOSS!

A NO BS Approach To Dominating Your Market Through SEO

Real Estate SEO is one of the most overlooked strategies in this crazy space of REI. I keep being asked: How Can I Learn SEO? How Do I Do SEO For My WebsiteThey know everyone talks about it, they know it is good to have, but they have no idea what it REALLY is.

If you only knew how much money we are making simply because I took SEO (very) seriously early on. Wait, I’ll show you!

ULTIMATELY It Is Not About Ranking. It Is About PROFITS!

Do you know what happens when you have an unlimited supply of leads coming in, without you having to lift a finger or pay a cent for these leads? You make an INCREDIBLE amount of money, that’s what happens! 

You will get SOO many leads you won’t know what to do with them! How Do I Know? Well my dear sugarbummz, this is normal for us. We get leads in faster than we can process them!


To get the EXACT SAME Results there is only ONE thing to do. Go to the mirror, look at your self and say 3 times:

Jerryll Is Handsome, Jerryll Is Kind, He Is Great, And OMG Is He GoodLooking JEEEBUS!!

No, really go do it. While you are at it, record it and post it on YouTube. Trust me (Damnit)!


Success Depends On Your Ability To Generate Leads On Demand

While most investors are wasting time on DMM, cold calling bandit signs, and driving for dollars, I sit here on my sexy sculpted marble butt, generating super high quality leads like clockwork while I am eating, watching movies, playing with my girlfrie… chickens… I do anything and everything except worrying about lead generation and the leads pour in! Yes, they really do! But fear not, I will show you How to do SEO for your real estate investing website!

Subscribe to my blog and I will teach you how to think SEO Lead Generation, How To Wholesale HONESTLY and Reliably, and how to close deals without even trying. I will even teach you how to fly and shoot rabbits from your eyes and laser-beams from your hat!

This is the only way to do it right. I know everyone says they are right, they are the best, and they are different bla bla bla. All I will say is: watch the video below and tell me if any of these “expert” SEO people/companies are getting these results? Yeah… didn’t think so!

SEO Is About PEOPLE, Not Google.

How often do you see all these SEO guru websites talk about how to please Google?

Google this, Google that, Google said this, Google wants that. The second you see a website trying to please Google, run! Wait for the next Google update and you see them all running in circles panicking with their hands up in the air.

No no, want to do functional SEO? FORGET GOOGLE!! Before you divorce me, unsubscribe and send me death threats, hear me out damn it!

Don’t Please Google, Please Your Traffic!

The Most Important Concept To Understand For Successful SEO

Think about it. What is Google‘s job? Well other than being filthy (rich), Google‘s only job is to present you, the internet surfer, with the best website relevant to what you typed into the search… Right? So what do website owners do? They ask Google: “hey Google how do I become the best website in your eyes, so that I will rank #1?“. To which Google replies: “well hunnybunz, if you want to rank #1, you need to get back-links, get citations, and stuff your “sell my house fast” all over your website“.

Sounds familiar?

Well now you have 3000 investor carrot websites, that all look alike, sound alike, taste alike, smell alike, and they all are applying the exact same SEO (shady back-links, citations, and stuffing those “sell my house fast” keywords all over their sites). Now why would site #15 ever outrank site #24,928?!

But no one stands still to think about this. They are all going to get back-links, (buy back-links, exchange back-links, start 3000 blogs and give themselves back-links) just to try to impress Google….


Are they now trying to please their traffic? Or are they trying to please Google?


They are all trying to please Google. Here is the thing though, you are not supposed to please Google, Google doesn’t want you to please Google. Google wants you to please your audience, your traffic.


To make matters worse, Google is not stupid… well actually it is… it is just an algorithm, BUT, Google continuously tries (and is succeeding) to improve their algorithms to pick out these websites that manipulate the algorithm and punishes them by deindexing them.

Google Is Continuously Trying To Be More Human-Like

Yup, Google is always trying to be more human-like. What does this mean? Well, think about it. In the early days of SEO, all you had to do is repeat and stuff your keywords over and over again and Google would think that your website is a great match for those keywords. But what if a human was in charge of checking websites for manipulations back then? Would that website have gotten away with keyword stuffing? A human would obviously know immediately that the site owner is just stuffing keywords. At that time Google was just not that advanced. However, with every update, they are getting smarter… more human-like!

So let’s get back to Google‘s only job… providing amazing websites so users get a great web experience. Thus Google wants websites to genuinely provide great content and value to its users, and rest assured google spends a fortune in development to make sure they find and rank that great content.

In other words, if your website is genuinely catered to your user, NOT GOOGLE, you WILL rank high on the search results, and you will never have to worry about Google updates again! Now you see why it makes sense to… forget Google and just focus on your traffic!

Here Are Some People That Obey My Every Command

These people sacrifice virgin chickens to please me, they chant “Jerryll is amazing” 45 times a day, and they ask for locks of my hair every time they think about me (they ask me ALL-THE-TIME!), and look where they are now. They suddenly became smarter, WAAY better looking, sexier, and they even started to grow more hair (they were all bald) … ohh btw… Erik (the guy in the middle) gave me an old picture. Now he is the lead in a saga called Star Wars. He is playing a character called Chewbacca. He got the part because after my program he needed no make up or a costume. He naturally is the perfect Chewy. RealTalk!

SEO Services For Real Estate Investors

So are you going to start obeying my every command? Do you want to be successful? OK then! Start chasing virgin chickens! Caught one? GREAT! Now you can move ahead to the ULTIMATE everyone-else-sucks-monkey-butt-through-a-straw, guide to SEO For Real Estate Investors!

The Ultimate 2022 Guide To SEO For Real Estate Investors

Next I will give you a list of things you need to look into if you want to be successful generating free organic leads through SEO . Now pay attention, this list may very well be very different from all you have learned about SEO so far, and believe me when I say, this is right, and they are wrong.

See, The reason why this list will be different is because we take a COMPLETELY different approach to SEO . Every single strategy I will list here has its only focus, to please our traffic, and not Google. While the rest of the planet will try to teach you how to do SEO based on what Google said and wants, we don’t! See, it is not really fair to say Google is wrong. They are not wrong, but people simply misinterpret what Google is really trying to tell them and they interpret it completely wrong! Let’s start with the basics.

Understanding The Anatomy Of A Great Website:

Your website just needs to focus on 2 things: SEO and Conversion.

  • SEO is whatever deals with having Google rank your site high.
  • Conversion is whatever deals with your traffic responding to your call of action, whether it is filling in a form, calling you, subscribing, placing an order, whatever the point and purpose of your website is.


For SEOyou need to understand and apply all techniques and best practices for on-page and off-page SEO. This in itself is literally a whole book, reserved for another time. But I promise I will touch on this soon enough. For now, just enjoy the ultimate guide on SEO for Real Estate Investors!


For Conversion: you need to be credible. Show you can solve whatever problem your user has. The trick here is not just to show you can solve their problem, show them without a doubt you can solve their headaches better than anyone else, better than your competitors. You do not want your users to just fill out your form. You want your users to fill out ONLY your form and not even bother with your competitors! Dig it?

Understand The Difference Between “Traffic” And “Good Traffic”.

Everyone wants traffic to their site. The more traffic the more chances of a sale right? Nope! Not even close bubblebutt! Again, instead of just following “Tips on how to do SEO” that you see blasted all over the interwebbles, for Pete’s sake, understand SEO. Don’t just follow “tips”. You spend so much money and effort on your business, and SEO is the #1 most important thing and you skimp out on that? You know what, Get out of my blog! I am pissed now!! GIT!!

OK after a little tea break and some hippy yoga stuff to calm down… let me continue.

You do need to understand SEO in order to crush your competition (that most likely doesn’t understand it either). Here is how Google thinks, that little bastard. Google wants to bring the best sites to the user, based on the query they have entered into the search (we all know by now it is not really the query entered into the search that matters, but the intention!). OK, but how the HELL does Google determine what a good site is? Google doesn’t have little Google gnomes, that check out every site and determine if it is a good site. No no, they have spiders! (what the hell right?) But that is not what I am getting at.

Google determines statistics from user feedback to evaluate the “rank” of a site.

So let’s dive into this a bit more. If a user lands on your site. Takes a quick look and thinks the site sucks… What do you think will happen? They bounce off. They hit the back button, back to the search results to pick the other site. Google “sees” this and records it. Now, what if the opposite happens? A user lands on your site sticks around, takes his/her time to read through the content, interacts with the site, clicks buttons, goes through many pages of the website… Google may see that as, “Oh hey yo… they stayed on this site for a whopping 5 minutes and scrolled through 15 pages and spend a long time looking at the pages reading content, this must be a really good site for the keywords entered, I will rank them higher for those keywords“.

Example? OKieDokie then…

A user does a search for “How To Get High Rankings For My Real Estate Investing Website“. (and this is not my example btw, this belongs to the mighty Brian Dean). So anyone that searches “How to get high” may get this website on the top of the search. But the website is about SEO (How to get high rankings). So when a user trying to find out how to get high, lands on this website, they obviously bounce off quickly as they have no interest in SEO. So Google will start to lower the sites rankings for the key-phrase “How To Get High” but increases the rankings for the keyword “How To Get High Rankings For My Real Estate Investing Website“. As you can see, Google takes feedback to ensures to return the best sites possible for the keywords entered.

So now, back to “Not all traffic is good“. If a user is doing a search for: “I need to sell my house fast“, a key phrase you ABSOLUTELY want to rank for, and your site just simply sucks monkey balls, guess what. Google will drop you in ranks. This is why it is important to not just rank for any keyword. Because you will suffer a rank drop!

Market domination starts with a call with me!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

A Straightforward Recipe For Real Estate Investing Success:

Remember, NOTHING we do is for Google, which includes manipulating the rankings. EVERYTHING we do is to provide value to traffic. Again that is the BIGGEST difference between Jerryll Noorden SEO, and the SEO all the other experts are yapping out.

When you will go through my list of how to do SEO for Real Estate Investors, you have to keep this in mind. Never for Google, ONLY for my traffic.

1. Get A Solid Domain Name.

How does a domain name give value to traffic? Well, you have a motivated seller do a search for “How do I sell my house in connecticut fast”, and they see 2 websites, one is called “” and the other is called “”. Which domain name is better? Which gives more value to users? Well the second one of course! Why?

Well if YOU needed to sell your house fast and you did that search and you see those two names in the search result, which one would you pick first? Property solutions? or would you click on “We Buy FRIGGIN Houses In Connecticut”… if you wanted to find someone to BUY your house in Connecticut? Duh! Of course you will click on the We Buy Houses In Connecticut website.

Without having to click on anything, go into the page, read the website, the content or anything, I already know just by looking at the name what it is they do and if the site is a possible solution to my problem. I saved them time and effort. I made it easier for them to decide, I provided value.

The other domain name “” doesn’t really tell me much. It could be a landscaping company, a property management company, a painting company. No value!

Be sure you pick a name that immediately tells your traffic what it is that you do. This is your website, your lure to your traffic. There is no room for ego here. My website has an ugly name “We Buy Houses In Connecticut”, and  my actual company name is “Noorden Estates LLC”.

Do I care? Nope. This is about getting leads reliably, cheaply and of highest quality.  Rely on your content to further drive in what it is you do and how! No matter what your website looks like, and what content you will host on the site, it all starts with a good name you can use to compliment your content!

Here is why you need a good domain name. I gave an elaborate explanation on why a keyword domain name is important, on my blog for real estate investors. Read it, learn it, live it, worship it (or just worship me…) and then continue reading this friggin awesome post!

2. Pick A Solid Website Host

How is picking a good host going to provide value to my traffic? Well simple right? A good and reliably fast host will improve loading speed of your website thereby providing a better user experience to your traffic. Load speed is very important.

Remember, we don’t give a flying rat’s ass Google saying “get a good and fast loading website”. It is NEVER about what they say or want. We ONLY focus on what our traffic wants. If Google’s wishes and what my traffic will benefit from align, fine… but it is about my traffic ONLY!

I would recommend 2 hosting platforms. Did anyone say I had to be neutral here? No. So I am telling you Get an Investor Carrot website, also keep your eyes peeled for the new platform. They are about to come out with something pretty awesome!

Plain and simple. If you don’t Seriously why to bother reading the remaining blog article here, you will not succeed and just shrivel up and croak, your dog will stop liking you and your goldfish will die!


3. Put Thought Into Your Content

Think Traffic, NOT Google!!

Why am I stressing this again? Because EVERYONE does this wrong. You see websites with amazing content. Everything anyone needs to know how to sell their house fast is explained perfectly. Then what is the problem?

Not because you have amazing content does it mean anyone is going to sit there and read your boring shit! NO ONE!

When I say put thought into your content it is not only putting thought in what to write on your website, but HOW to write it, HOW to present it, WHERE to place it on the site and in what intonation to write it in.

People simply think about Google when writing the content. Have you ever seen this on a website: “Are you saying “I need to sell my house fast””. Ever seen people write that garbage? Ask yourself this, are they writing this for their traffic, or for Google?

Of Course they do it for Google. No one talks that way. No one says: “Are you sayin: “I need…””. You are obviously trying to manipulate an “Exact Match Keyword” into your content thus tricking Google into ranking you higher for that keyword.

Now think about this. Let’s say it worked, and you rank #1, but your #1 ranking website has all this unnatural text, sentences and lingo that when people read it it makes them think you are not even real, local legit, educated credible, and leave your site with a feeling of: “I can’t put my finger on it but that site was just… “off””. Even IF you would rank #1 (doubt that) you STILL wouldn’t get leads. See why it is not about ranking? It is about conversions!


4. Make Your Real Estate Investing Website Look Professional

The reason having a very polished website is important is for the exact same reason you feeling like something is off when you land on Nike’s site and you see spelling errors, and blurry pictures. Your first thought is “Wait did I type in the address correctly? Am I really on Nike? Right?

Having a crappy amateurish website does damage for your credibility.


Having the latest gadgets, moving elements and all sort of stuff making your website look flashy is NOT the same as “Professional”.  That stuff is not only not needed, it is bad. It is distracting, annoying to your traffic that just want answers to their questions. Don’t make your website flashy, make it professional looking, and keep it simple!

Nothing screams “AMATEUR” louder than a poorly integrated and designed website. A professional clean and planned out website will feel more credible, so exploit this!

5. Focus on User Intention, Not Keywords

Yup, it is not about keywords. Google goes by search INTENT, not the actual keywords entered into the search. Ever wonder why some people rank #1 for a city or for some keywords they don’t have on their site? This happens because Google extracts the search intent from a specific keyword.

When you type into Google “Cash Houses Fast CT”, Google will assume that your intention is “I need to sell my house fast for cash in Connecticut”, and then Google will rank, what is in its opinion, the best website #1 based on the intention of the searcher!

How does Google determine which website is the best website? Well that is my biggest secret/reason for my success getting leads! That answer is not so simply honestly. I have provided my BPCON2021 talk in a video embedded in this blog (you already passed it, it is listed above. Watch it as I go into details how and why Google pics the best website to rank #1 for any and all keywords based on the user’s intent.

So, don’t go to gung ho on specific keywords. The goal here is to write content on your site so that people (and thus Google too) will understand what your website is about, and if you accomplish this, Google now will rank your site #1, if you are the best website in Googles eyes. Please your traffic better than your competition can, and Google WILL consider you to be the best website in the land! Easy peasy!

Here are the keywords you want to optimize for as this tells your user immediately what it is you do! These keywords denote clearly what the user’s intent is.

We Buy Houses In [city] [state]:

Although counter-intuitive here is the logic behind this key-phrase. In a city where you have a ton of investors placing these nasty bandit signs all over the place saying “We Buy Houses In [city] [state]” people will become aware of “We Buy Houses” companies and thus when they do need to sell their house fast they will Google “We Buy Houses” companies like so: “We Buy Houses In Connecticut“. And that keyword is thus very valuable in such cities.

Sell My House In [city] [state] Fast/Now/for cash/without a realtor/quickly/etc/:

This is a keyword that is a bit overrated. Tell me something … who wants to sell their house fast? Tell me, who wants to sell their house slowly? NOBODY. Yeah duh, everyone wants to sell their house fast whether they are listing it with an agent, sell it themselves or sell it for cash to an investor. Everyone will type in that keyphrase so it is not the perfect little keyword to rank for. Of course we’ll take it… but don’t go obsessing over this one!

Cash For My [city] [state] House:

Yup, then you have the power internetters, that type in lazy versions of actual key phrases. So make sure you sprinkle some of these into your content as well.

Of course, there are more keywords, but hey, you need to think, be clever be original! OK sheesh man, fine!! HERE. You better like and share this damn page on FB Twitter, heck everywhere!

6. [Cringe] Use your keywords within the first 100 words.

Yeah yeah blah blah, boring old regurgitated crap! Yes, have you noticed everyone saying this? It is retarded advice. Here you have one of those instances where the tip is retarded but execution is correct. What do I mean? The reasoning for this tip is absolutely demented but without people knowing, doing this (the right way) will get you good results, but for completely different reasons than what everyone will make you believe.

Do me a favor. Forget this rule. Why? This is written in such a way people will just stuff 100 keywords in the first 100 words of the website. Substitute this rule with the following: “Apply the rules and techniques of good paper writing.” That’s all!

Yes use your keywords early on, but not for SEO manipulation. Not for keyword ranking (remember, I told you that Google doesn’t go by “Keywords”. Then why do this?

Well, because Google goes by search intent. You STILL need to let Google know what the intention of your website is: “To buy houses from people that need to sell their house fast”. How else are you going to let Google know what your website is about? By entering these select Keywords early on the website? WRONG!!

The way Google knows what intention your website has, is by monitoring traffic with a specific intention (like the need to sell their house fast) that lands on your website, and monitoring that traffic’s behavior on your website.

If someone that is looking for puppy dogs, and lands on your website using the keyword “I want to buy a cute poppy dog”, Google extracts the intention from that keyword: “they want to buy a puppy”, and tries to align that intention to the best website that addresses that intention. So if they land on your “we buy houses” website obviously those that want to buy a puppy will notice this is not the website for them and they bounce. Google now learns that the keywords intention, and the website intention don’t align and you will drop from the rankings for not just the keyword “I want to buy a puppy”, but for ALL keywords that have the intention of buying a puppy.

But on the other hand if your website resonated with the keywords with underlying intention of “I need to sell my house fast”, and thus the traffic that enters such keywords with that intention on Google, and Google sees that such traffic with that intention engages with your website and ultimately fills in the form, Google now will not just rank you #1 for THAT specific keyword, but for ANY and ALL keywords that have the intention of “I need to sell my house fast”.

That is how and why my students and I rank #1 for ANY and ALL keywords (as long as the keywords intention is “need to sell their house”


IN YOUR FACE all you SEO “experts” out there. Admit it.. you are taking notes aren’t you. Awwwwwww

So to recap, use intention indicating keywords early in your content, but not for Google to pick them up. You put these intention indicating keywords early so that your traffic picks them up without having to read pages upon pages before they realize what services you offer. Please your traffic, your traffic will stay on the website, they will fill in the form, and THIS is what Google sees and concludes that your website was valuable to them and thus you will be ranked #1

7. Use Media.

Have you seen Nike’s website? Yes? How about Apple? Sweet. How about Microsoft, Samsung, Ray ban, Toyota. Would you all agree that these are the leaders of today’s industry? They have systems, huge budget for market research etc. etc. Now…

What do you think all these websites have in common?

Pictures! Visuals, almost NO TEXT. Look at your competitor’s websites. Now.. look at your own website. Do you see mountains of text? Well WRONG! NO ONE wants to read text. People love visuals. Text is the last thing anyone wants to see. Sadly, we are not Nike, or Elon gadamn Musk. We can’t get away with just putting 15 pictures on our websites and call it done. No, we HAVE to use some text, but can you deny that my website is VERY visually based? Bingo.

Use Media. NOT for Google, not for algorithm points… but use media to make it easier for your traffic to enjoy your website. See what I did there?

Everyone will tell you to use media, video, pictures because it is an opportunity for SEO. Come one people. Really?! No for Pete’s sake do NOT do media for the sake of SEO. Use media for the sake of conversion. What is the difference? Well, including pictures and video for SEO purposes, you are basically adding pictures and videos for the sake of adding a picture and/or a video. NEVER add a picture or a video for the sake of adding them. Remember it is all and only about your traffic loving your site. So only add a picture and or videos when it provides value to your traffic.

Once you established that by adding a video and or pictures (the right way for the right reasons) you will increase user satisfaction and engagement, now it is good to know what the benefits are for both SEO and Conversion.


Pictures and video simply give you an opportunity to SEO! Pictures give you a chance to use alt-tags, which Google loves (yes we are pleasing Google here). As for videos, videos keep a user longer on a page, which increases “Time On-Page“, an SEO metric google monitors to gauge ranking of your site. It is therefore important to note that this doesn’t work with just any pics or video. The media needs to be appealing.


Media gives the user a visual means to gauging your website. Illustrations are easier and faster to understand compared to reading blocks of text. Thus media helps users take action on your website. Want a directly related example? Imagine you need to sell your house really fast. Doing an internet search will yield so many options, most scams, some legit.

8. Make Your Headings Count

Imagine 2 headings.

“We Provide Solutions To Your Real Estate Problems” vs. “House Sold And Cash In Your Hand In 7 Days Flat”.

Q: Which heading do you think would rank you higher?

A: The one that causes more form fills!

The more leads you get, the higher you will rank because that tells Google your website provided the people that filled in the forms with value.

So which title do you think is better? Well the second one. The first title tells me nothing. There is a difference between the vehicle one is using to solve the problem and what they are directly after. Solving a real estate problem is nice but what they are actually and factually on the website FOR is: “cash for their house and fast”.

And that is what you all need to understand writing content for your websites. What exactly are they after? What is the problem they really need fixing? Then you write content to address this in as few sentences as possible.  As long as you all understand this, you can then think about technical SEO optimization.

Optimize for both SEO and for conversion. On the SEO side of things, use only one h1 tag per page and make sure you do not have the same keywords for 2 pages. Use your keywords in your headings. When it comes to conversion, make sure you write your headings in such a way it gives benefit to the users correlated to what they came to your website for. Instead of writing “SEO is Hard“, write, “Tips On Making SEO Doable“.

9. Write Complete & Relevant Content, Not Long Content

You see guru’s say things like writing about 1089 words. They back it up with claims of million sites research. But that is the dumbest research I have seen done. It is not the length of content that is making it rank. It is the fact that people spend more time on your page if your long content is appealing. So that rule is very misleading. Don’t write long content for the sake of writing long content. Keep in mind SEO and Conversion are often opposing forces.


Long content is good, as you can have more keywords, pictures, and videos on your page. More SEO opportunities.

Conversion :

For conversion long content is bad because people’s attention span on the internet is short. (We all know the internet is for free porn!)

So what do we do?

You cut out all the fluff, say what you need to say how many ever words you need to say it with. Make what you have to say compelling, straight to the point. Conversion is what you are ultimately after. Never sacrifice Conversion for SEO. There are always more/other ways to improve SEO. Ideally, an acceptable compromise needs to be made between conversion and SEO. The trick to SEO is mastering leverage of both conversion and SEO to boost the efficiency of your website.

10. Dominate Your Market.

This sounds harsh, but this is not child’s play. Overwhelm your audience with your presence. Not just audience, but also your competition. In order to be successful as a real estate investor, and honestly in any business, one needs a solid internet presence and whopping dose of credibility.

You need to reach omni presence when it comes online. You need to be EVERYWHERE! Blogs, internet, podcasts, Instagram, YouTube, people need to see you, talk about you, think about you the second anyone mentions “Selling a house”, just like people think Jerryll Noorden, when it comes to SEO. This is “Market Dominance”. And whom better to teach you market domination that the Overlord Supreme himself!

This is survival of the fittest. You can play defensively or offensively. I do both. Not only will I make sure I will take the first second and third spot of Google…. ahem:

Dominate Your Local Market.

For every keyword, you should be the obvious choice to your users. This means, get local. For every city, you invest in, BE THE OBVIOUS CHOICE. This is what users see when they want to sell their house in their specific cities:

11. Build your Brand Online

The reason why I am so very against bandit signs, DMM, Door knocking, Cold Calling, is not only because the results are atrocious, but also these methods do damage to your brand. Could you imagine Elon Musk doing door knocking? Can you imagine Nike sending a group of people out there to knock on doors or to cold call you into buying their shoes? Wouldn’t you be surprised and disappointed with Nike? This is not something such an amazingly successful company would do right? EXACTLY!!

Doing these kind of shady strategies my (or may not) land you a deal but at what cost? You forever hinder deal flow with a tainted reputation or brand. Make sure you have and keep a clean brand, that is associated with value, quality and integrity. What does this have to do with SEO? EVERYTHING! This is what will cause people to fill in your forms because you have a trusted brand, and we all know by now the more form fills, the higher you will rank. So this is crucial! Do not underestimate your online image, and brand!

12. Work On Citations

Citations look a lot like backlinks. A citation simply is a “mention” online. Basically, if your company is mentioned in an external page (a page on the internet that does not belong to you). Sometimes a link is present to your company page, but not always. Be sure the information in the citation is consistent everywhere. Same address spelled the same way, phone number, company name, etc. etc.

A Straightforward Recipe For Real Estate Investing Success:

12. Work On Citations

Now that I have given you a whopping 10 point list of how to do SEO …. I bet you still don’t have a friggin CLUE how to do, what to do, where to start how to start… right? See how friggin GOOD I am Gadamnit I am awesome.

Yeah yeah stop y’er wining I got you. Sheesh man.

Let’s talk about an actual concrete step by step actual actionable set of clearly explained tasks to do, that you can apply to your website. Are you ready?… well I am not.  HAAAAA got you.  Bet you are puh-ISSED right now huh.

OK OK OK hold your horses mate. I will write this step right now and post it as the next blog entry. Dude chill, do you see how long this blog entry is? It  will be never ending if I just continued here. OK so here is  how it is going to work, you damn freeloader. Bookmark this page, subscribe, share and LEAVE A COMMENT if you want the next entry (which will be an AMAZING actionable PROPER SEO step by step instructions how to set up your carrot or lead propelelr or ANY friggin site you have, with steps, instructions, theory and proof that will have you rank #1 on Google, have the sexiest girl (or guy) want you BADLY, grow wings and fly, get super powers, become half as handsome and smart as me! Seriously! Comment below or NO FRIGGIN UPDATE! Those that comment & subscribe and share will get this update sent to their email ONLY. So? Want to make millions, grow 3 nipples and become insane(ly successful), Comment, Subscribe, Share. Done!

Next a word from our sponsor.

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Lastly, all the other “AMAAAZING” SEO websites here have a final section where the author talks in 3rd person bragging about themselves making it look like someone else wrote it about them, making them look a little bit cooler than they really are… Lame much?

But.. OK if that is the way it is done.. I shall do it too… So… Here is where I talk about myself in 3rd person to make it look like someone else typed this so it looks more real and increase my awesomeness level.

Here goes…

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  1. Michael on October 16, 2021 at 8:22 pm

    Nice post.

  2. Steven Arteaga on October 18, 2021 at 5:17 am

    A couple of quotes I wrote down while watching the BPCON2021 presentation from Jerryll:
    “Ranking #1 is a side product of conversions”
    “Who wants to sell their house slowly?.. NOBODY”
    “SEO is not about Google, SEO is about People”
    Everything mentioned in the blog makes sense. I’ve been focusing on doing SMS and Cold Calling but I’ve had a feeling it could tarnish my brand. A brand that is not even started but nonetheless haha. The following quote hit me: “The reason why I am so very against bandit signs, DMM, Door knocking, Cold Calling, is not only because the results are atrocious, but also these methods do damage to your brand.”
    I’m convinced, I need to get SEO for Real Estate website PRONTO!

    • Overlord Jerryll on October 22, 2021 at 1:38 am

      You got is 100% correct. You extracted the exact key points that is causing me to dominate. Well done man. Let me know if I can help in any way!!

  3. John on January 13, 2022 at 9:02 pm

    Great Blog Article!! Telling it as it is and not like so many of the SEO “gurus”.

  4. Johnny Sanchez on April 24, 2022 at 3:51 pm

    I bend the knee, please give me the guide! Thank you!

  5. Jon Sten on September 24, 2022 at 12:29 am

    Great and Informative Blog Post! Great presentation at BPCon too!

    1) “Do you do keyword research?” 🙂
    2) Don’t want to suck monkey butt.

    Jerryll – Could use your help!

    Having major anxiety about locking into geo specific domain name choice and company branding.

    • Overlord Jerryll on September 24, 2022 at 1:58 am

      HAAA love the comment, and thank you for the compliments my man.

      I do not do Keyword research because it is all about search intent, not keywords. I rank #1 for pretty much every keyword as a result. So focus more on matching your sites “intent” with a motivated seller’s search intent and you will do good.

      Also my friend. Don;t make the same mistake I made. My URL is location based and I can’t expand… Go for a Branded domain name like “IDon’”

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