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You Don’t Need To Know A DAMN Thing About SEO For You To Do It Better Than ANYONE Currently In Your Market!

We do not try to please Google. We please our traffic.

Google simply rewards us for that!


Assign more contracts with a significantly higher spread reliably, week after week and corner your market as the “go to” deal provider.


Why pay thousands of dollars for a single contract “finders fee” skinny deal, when you can get continuous leads weekly at 20%-40% ARV, for less?


Why spend $3K – $5K/ month on DMM hoping that you get a motivated seller that month,

No buying lists, no filtering lists no designing 5 postcards with different colors, layout, phone numbers, or design figuring out which card performs better

No sending 10K mailers out only for 30% to come back as mail undeleverable

No skip tracing, no resending the the mailers.

No repeating the same process every 3 to 4 month.

No angry phonecalls demanding you stop sending out these damn mailers.


no spending countless of hours driving for dollars or door knocking hopeing someone says yes.

No rude doorslams in your face



No SEO company will or can do a better job at SEO than you doing it yourself. When they have to focus on countless of clients, there is no way they will uniquely address each client, nor will they do as much work you would do for your own site. There is no way around it. If they are trying to rank you by mainly doing content writing, backlinking, and other Google kiss-ass methods, I can tell you right now they will NEVER be any better than everyone else that is doing exactly the same thing.

You need ot do do SEO yourself, and before you say you can’t, have no time, know nothing about SEO, don’t worry! We have got you covered. We have developed a system that will get you to the top without knowing a damn thing about SEO!