The ONLY Way to Have Motivated Sellers Reach Out to You Without Spending Thousands or Wasting Hours Chasing Them

 no cold calling  no sMS no DMM  No Networking With (or leaching off) other wholesalers or agents

 no cold calling  no sMS no DMM  No Networking With (or leaching off) other wholesalers or agents



Free Motivated Seller Leads For Life


"Success As A Real Estate Investor Depends On Your Ability To Find Motivated Sellers."

- Jerryll Noorden

Does This Seem Familiar To You?

Spending a fortune finding “Motivated sellers” that are anything BUT motivated!

Wholesalers taking too much profit out of the deal!

Oversaturated markets flooded with mailers, calls, and texts!

Marketing budgets yielding diminishing ROI!

Stop The Rat Race & Start Scaling Your Wholesaling Or Flipping Business To 7+Figures

Strategies That Have Proven To Work

The strategies we will teach you during our call, have allowed our students to score 6-figure wholesale deals as well as multiple 6-figure house flipping deals, without spending a single dollar on marketing (such as direct mail, cold calling, or SMS) and without lifting a finger getting these deals. I will show you how you can finally stop chasing deals and instead have deals chase you.

Purchase Price: $40,000 | Profit:$360,000

Learn The ONLY Way To Have Motivated Sellers Reach Out To You Without Spending Thousands Or Wasting Hours Chasing Them

What You Will Learn On This One-On-One Session:

How we consistently score $50K+ Wholesale Assignment Fees per Deal

How we consistently make $100K+ Net Flipping Profits

How we effortlessly generate high-quality Motivated Sellers for FREE!

Learn how to have motivated sellers chase you instead of you chasing them

Learn how to target subto & other creative financing deals

How to scale your SFR & MFR portfolio without spending a dime on marketing

Presenting Your Host: Jerryll Noorden

NASA Robotics Scientist Turned Real Estate Investor

Jerryll has used his unique way of analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills, to reverse engineer the Google Algorithm and decipher the motivated seller attraction & conversion code. Cracking these 2 puzzles has now made him a wildly successful real estate investor and has helped thousands of his students dominate their markets.

Real Motivated Sellers, Real Deals, Real Easy

Stop Chasing Leads, Let Leads Chase You

None of these sellers were on ANY list! They were COMPLETELY invisible to anyone and everyone unless they reached out to you. When someone becomes motivated, they take it upon themselves to find a solution to their problem. Motivated sellers need to find you.

This One-On-One Session Will Show You Exactly How This Is Done

Join Me For This Training...

And See Why Our Students Become REI Rockstars

Just For Showing Up You Will Get Access To...

1. First Access To Our Lead Generation Platform, GrumpyHare

1. First Access To Our Lead Generation Platform, GrumpyHare

GrumpyHare is the next-generation, lead-generation website-based platform specifically designed to convert inbound traffic into leads. The GrumpyHare platform is designed to be the fastest and easiest ranking websites that are in any and every way better, faster, and higher performing at the cheapest pricepoint, making it the obvious choice for anyone and everyone when it comes to online lead generation.

2. TheMightyInvestors Community & Interactive Learning Platform

2. TheMightyInvestors Community & Interactive Learning Platform

At TheMightyInvestors, we’re more than just a community — we’re a movement. Founded on the principles of data-driven decision-making and collaborative growth, we empower our members with the knowledge and insights needed to succeed in the dynamic world of real estate investing.

3.Courses, Mentorships & Guidance

3.Courses, Mentorships & Guidance

Access our simple easy-to-follow, interactive, instructional guides, training, and tutorials guiding you through every step of the process to set you up and turn your website into a lean, mean, lead-generation machine.

Hear what Jerryll's students say about the training

Terry Reeves TX LIC

"What people charge thousands of dollars for you gave away for free"

Thank you for your incredible presentation tonight. I can’t believe all the incredible wealth of knowledge you shared to us at no cost. Who does that. Please reach out to me I am interested.

Byron Hummel

"The amount of value he provides for free blows my mind."

Jerryll has been the most giving “guru” that I have ever encountered. The simple fact that Jerryll is even doing these free workshops without asking for payments blows me away, not to mention the free extra content he is providing as well.

Jason Westover

"Lead generation is the exact opposite of what I've been told, Jerryll nails it!"

Jerryll is still opening up the floodgates for the value he is offering. I could only name 3 real estate people I have bought a course from who I have been this impressed with…and I have bought A LOT of them. Hope those thoughts help you. Give me some time and I will be one of the ones actually doing some deals from it all too.

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Wholesale & Flipping Profits Between $50K - $400K

Motivated Sellers Straight To Your Inbox

Wholesale & Flipping Profits Between $50K - $400K

Motivated Sellers Straight To Your Inbox