Forced Traffic & Conversion (FT&C) Strategy

Forced Traffic & Conversion is a strategy I have developed to speed up making money through Real Estate Investing, big time. This strategy works great for seasoned investors and beginners alike, but especially beginners will appreciate this as this strategy will get them up and running scaling their business within weeks, not years. Before we dive into this we need to know a bit about the role of SEO and credibility when it comes to deal making.

But first, let me explain the true meaning of life! Are you little gringos ready? Are yeh? Well okiedokie then here goes. Get your pens ready, the meaning of life and the meaning of “to be” finally revealed. Here goes, are you ready? Seriously ready? REALLLY rrrrrrreaaallllly ready?

OK fine calm down. Here is the meaning of life: So here goes.

Deals = Traffic + Conversion

Well there you have it.  whooaaaahhhhh shhhhhhhhuuuaaaahhhhh  the crowd goes wild  whhaaahhhhhhssshhshhhhsh whoaaahhhh. Where is my stinking Nobel Prize?! Heck I deserve 3 of them.

OK this is a very true and valid equation, yet very generic. So lets get a bit more specific.

DEALS = SEO + Credibility.

OhSnap I am a genius! This is more like it.

SEO gives us Traffic

CREDIBILITY gives us Conversion.

So this explains how we went from the generic version to the specific one. Everyone following thus far? Yes? Good!

OK.. so now…

Credibility: “Credibility Is The Catalyst To Conversion“

And I made that up! How awesome am I? Now you will never forget the 3 C’s of awesomeness! Most people if not all people underestimate credibility. People everywhere simply think: “All you have to do, to be credible, is show your reviews, put your phone number on your site, take a picture of yourself and show it on your page  and… you are set.” Well…If done right yes, but believe me, even YOU, yes you are doing it wrong.

Let me tell you what credibility truly means. Credibility is the Catalyst to Conversion. A lot of investors have a website that is either stock, with absolutely no credibility or they try too hard to be credible. Do you know what happens when you try too hard for someone to believe you? They will believe you less! Credibility is both an art and a science. It needs to be done and applied correctly or it will backfire and have the opposite effect.

Credibility is not simply a set of tasks to be completed, like putting up a picture of yourself or put a ton of customer reviews on your reviews page. Credibility is a RESULT of applying certain tasks, not the ACTION of applying/doing/finishing these tasks. Credibility pursues a desired result or outcome, by applying certain tasks, which increases the likelihood of someone that lands on your website to fill in the form despite the inherent lack of trust established.

Are you understanding this? Not because you perform task 1, 2 and 3, automatically makes your website credible. Credibility bridges the gab due to the lack of trust between you and your traffic.

We all know that SEO takes a while to take effect, but credibility is instant. You can be done with this in 2 weeks, 3 weeks, a month if you go all out, but you have full control over it.

SEO: Applying The Meaning Of Life

So we have one part of the equation covered (credibility). Now we need traffic… how can we get instant traffic, so that we can satisfy the second part of the equation?

Well easy, PPC, DMM, Facebook Ads, pick one, heck pick two!

Now we have a very credible website, and we have plenty of traffic  heading your site. You make deals, immediately. Now you know enough to understand the FT&C strategy!

Applying The Forced Traffic & Conversion Strategy.

The Forced Traffic & Conversion strategy is a very powerful strategy that will have beginners hit the ground running. How would you feel if I told you that I have developed a model where you immediately started scaling your business into a money generating machine the moment you start? This sounds like a guru pitch huh? Well don’t believe me then! See if I care, loveyoubuhbye!

Yup most businesses will struggle to start, then they work hard to make any money (if this ever even happens), then they have to make enough money and profits to grow, and after they finally manage to grow enough only then will they start thinking about scaling, hiring people and automating methods into systems.

Often this takes years and years. WHY wait? You can immediately start with the scaling process! Interested? I figured. I will tell you how this is done! Isn’t that nice of me!

Let’s say you are a beginner, you don’t even have a website, or your site is new, or your site is old but neglected on page 68 on Goolge. What do you do. You go to BiggerPockets and you read all these depressing sad poor attempts at wholesaling making money and everyone telling you the same crap “do driving for dollars, do bandit signs, ohh no no buy lists. Buy the foreclosure list, no no the probate list is where it’s at, OMG no you fools obviously its the absentee owners list.. bla bla bla ALL WRONG!!

Market domination starts with a call with me!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

1. START GAAHDAMNIT: Get A Real Estate Investing Website!

SEO for real estate investors is important. That is what we need to focus on from the start. That is what I did, and look at me now! FORGET lists, forget D4D, CC, bandit signs! NO! Stop winging it. Try a method that works, actually WORKS. And yeah I will show you the way to freedom.

You start with getting a website. Not just any website, you get an Investor Carrot website. Nothing else works as well as this platform so get it! I have discussed previously how to set up your Investor Carrot Website. So review that now if you must. But just to make it convenient for you, here is the plan you need to pick. Just click on the referral picture below. Let me know you clicked on it and I will give you that referral fee back. Makes your site a little cheaper.

2. Deals = SEO + Credibility

Do SEO yourself, hire it out, I do not care!  The SEO (& Credibility) efforts needs to start IMMEDIATELY though. To make sure the SEO efforts are going to be done lets assume you hire someone (that friggin KNOWS what they are doing). I am already sad for you because I am 100% sure whom ever you will hire will do SEO wrong. EVERYONE is doing it wrong, I promise you this! Don’t believe me? Visit the blog where I show Erics low DA and still ranking high proving everyone tries to please google not the traffic.

You Need Money To Make Money

If you are afraid to spend money to make money, you shouldn’t be on my blog nor should you ever be an investor. PERIOD. So to all you people that are going to “wait till I have some money to market”, DUDE… NO… NOOO!




Get a job, save money, get money, do it right. Don’t go door knocking or driving for dollars “because that’s free”. You are wasting your time. You are winging it. Work with a proven system! So if you simply do not have the money to market you will become successful a LOT faster if you took a two month job at MC D, save up $3,000.- and start investing the right way.

Sure you may get lucky getting a deal doing Driving for Dollars, and then again, you may not! If you want a 100% sure and guaranteed way of making it (this is called having a system), you get a job and get that marketing budget going.

Work The Plan

  1. Let’s assume you will do this the right way and you pay someone that knows what they are doing $1,500,- to work on SEO, website credibility, and create landing pages for you.
  2. Then devote an extra $1,000.- for your marketing budget, let’s say you choose Facebook ads.

So now you have spend $2,500,- for the first month. Honestly, this is not at all a bad budget when it comes to marketing. DMM would cost you double ($5,000.-) for a similar campaign (buying a list of 2000 to 3000 people and paying for the cards to print and ship out, with far lower ROI).

So within the first 30 days, you are down: $2,500,-.

  1. SEO services: $1,500,-
  2. Facebook marketing services: $1,000.-

there is some good news though: “bandit signs”, “driving for dollars”, “door knocking”, “hoping a lead will fall in your lap out of the blue”, won’t guarantee leads reliably but, Facebook ads, and PPC will, as long as:

  1. you are targeting the right audience
  2. you have enough budget dedicated to your campaign

If you satisfy these 2 criteria you WILL get leads, guaranteed. Isn’t that some news to be joyful for?

3. Get Your First Lead: Wholesale Like A Boss!

Doing SEO for your real estate investing website is crucial yes, but we all know SEO will take time for results to creep in. So we now have a very credible website (or at least this is being worked on in the background). While someone else is worrying about SEO we are going to start marketing on Facebook and sending that traffic over to our landing page that was created 1 week into this strategy.

All we are going to focus on, is getting 1 deal. Indeed JUST one. We do not care how we will get the next deal the following month. We don’t care about anything else but just this ONE deal right now. Since we will spent the $1,000.- the right way by not winging it and apply the marketing correctly you will generate leads. The goal is to wholesale one deal.

Wholesaling Is Not A Matter Of Luck

Wholesaling this deal is not going to be a matter of luck. The second you sign a contract from your marketing you WILL wholesale it and this is also a guarantee. You know how I am so sure will will be able to wholesale this contract? Because you do not sign a contract until the numbers work FOR YOU! None of this crap where you sign a contract based on the absolute lowest a seller is willing to sell for. NO! YOUR numbers are the only numbers that matter!

When you ONLY sign contracts that work for you (and thus your buyers), you will have no issues selling the contract to a cash buyer. And that is how you become successful at wholesaling! And now you have made $10,000.- in a wholesale fee!

Dance around, run 5 laps butt naked around your block, get it out of your system because although you are set, and I can already tell you’ve made it, there is still a lot of work to do to realize that “you have already made it” notion.

4. Repeat: The FT&C Method!

Now things are getting exciting! You were down $2.500,- at the start of the 30 day plan, but by the end of these 30 days you made $10,000.-!! So what do you do?

Wells I’lls tells yous whats yous dos!

You take that $2.500,- and shove it up your damn brown or black damp musky smelling… wallet! You thought I was going to say ass didn’t you. You are seriously perverted. Get off my damn blog you freak!

Anyways, you take what you spent out of that 10 grand, you now have & $7,500.- left. So within the first cycle you managed to make a profit.  Maybe in your market the wholesale fee is not $10,000.-, and your marketing costs are also different, and that doesn’t matter. All the numbers automatically adjust to your market. The point is that you will make a profit. If marketing is more expensive where you are, then the wholesale fee is a lot more. You sign deals based on numbers that would work for you in YOUR market to make a profit.

Now this is what you do. You now double your marketing budget to $2,000.- and you fork over an other $1,500.- for continued SEO work on your website.

Where are we at this point?

Right here:

PROFIT! = $10,000 – $2.500 – $2,000 – $1,500 = $4,000

  • $10,000.- = Money made from wholesaling the lead.
  • $2.500.-   = Money you spent getting the $10,000.- (remember this was the $1,500.- (for SEO) + $1,000.- (for Facebook Ads)).
  • $2.000.-   = Your new Facebook marketing budget (double your previous marking budget).
  • $1.500.-   = For this next months SEO effort.

You made money. It WORKED!! Sure this is your first deal. This means you were nervous, not very confident, you made mistakes, you could have done things better, you could have done things more efficiently and by all means this deal could have been sheer dumb luck! Absolutely… and you know what? WHO CARES. You made $10,000.-.

You followed a plan and it actually worked. Your motivation level has gone through the roof. “Let’s do it again“, you say, and yes I agree. Let’s see if we can do this again. Same method, but we will make a few changes. What changes you ask? Well…

When you did this the first time, you wrote down notes. What was causing you stress, delays, what could have done better, what did you miss, what could have been avoided to make this method better, faster, more efficient. You have a log!

You will now do this exact method again, but this time, you will tweak it based on all the improvements proposed from all the mistakes you’ve made AND you will now double your marketing budget. In addition you fork over an other $1,500.- for continued SEO work on your site (remember you hired someone for $2,000.- a month to do your SEO for you.

So what do we have now?

  1. You have some experience now
  2. You have double your previous budget
  3. You tweaked the method not to make the same mistakes again

You do it again. Now, there is no reason why you wouldn’t do AT LEAST equally good, if not twice as good (as you have doubled your marketing budget). So you make two deals this time. Again you wholesale them and now you made $20,000.-.

Now this is very important. Following a method once making a deal could be pure dumb luck. Following the same method twice and make a deal twice,… that is a SYSTEM!

I help Flippers & Wholesalers get 4-12 Leads daily!

You have seen my results. You have seen my student’s results. This is real, this is no joke. I am smack in the middle of the wholesaling, flipping, and Buy & Hold grind, just like you are.

You have nothing to lose!

The Money Making More Money Machine

Have you realized something amazing yet? You are not spending a single cent out of your pocket anymore. Your money is making you more money. The system is self sustaining. It’s like magic!! WHAAAAAAAA??

Out of that $20,000.- you take an other month of SEO payment out and this time you put $7,000.- in marketing. Now you make 10 deals! and you net… what…$70,000.- in profits? With $70,000.- you can put down an astronomical marketing budget, but you won’t! Calm down, Seabiscuit!

You now look like the big dogs that put down $30,000.- a month on marketing. But now you have a new problem. Your one-person-team (you) can not possibly handle the leads coming in at a $30,000.- marketing budget.

5. Hire People: Fire Yourself!

Now you stop. You hire an acquisitions manager, and you hire a receptionist. You give that a “try”. You put these people in place and you hit the “start” button. Again you note down all the bottle necks, all the trouble areas and all the issues that hiring and working with people bring. You analyze it, you tweak it and you make things more efficient by either hiring more people to cover all these extra positions that opened up as a result of hiring your first round, or you train your people to become more efficient.

6. Scale Up: Grow … uhm.. Up?!

With every new cycle of marketing, increasing your budget, tweaking, you increase your budget even more. Little did you know that you have been scaling your then non existent business, from the start. Isn’t that cool?

7. Step Out: Automate!

As you increase your budget, and you hire more people, you will see soon enough that you will be getting more leads, you make more offers, do more deals, all while you do far less work, because you will eventually have a complete solid team in place that will handle every task there is to do. Then a remarkable thing will happen without even expecting it.

8. SEO World Domination: SEO Always Wins!

As you are so busy enjoying watching your business grow and making money you completely forgot someone was constantly working on your SEO all this time! Now after the 4th or 5th iteration of the tweaking process you have your business mostly on automatic. On one heavenly day you were just counting you money as you do every day, when you hear this weird:

“DINGGGGG”. “Well goodness gracious what was that“, you ask, as you lift your head with a $100,- dollar bill slips down your face with drool all over it. You look at your fancy laptop screen and you say: “Oh an emailmajiggy“. You open it… and your eyes open wide. “Yo dawg, I GOT AN ORGANIC LEAD“. Suddenly “Dingg dingg dingg FRIGGINDINGGG“, your email gets bombarded like so:

You now get leads for free. The lead count may quite possibly be compatible to your $30,000.- marketing budget for paid traffic, BUT you lead quality is far superior:

So the equivalent to getting THIS many motivated seller leads using paid marketing could possibly require doubt the marketing budget! This is why you NEED SEO in your live no matter if you are getting plenty of leads using paid marketing.

Now you can quit your marketing and your lead flow is automated!

You lived happily ever after as a huge douche that calls nice people “the help” as they massage your gnarly yellow toes as you boss people around!

-The End!

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