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Capt’n’s Log – August 19, 2019: NOW we are getting somewhere

This late morning we received her reply.

Yes we know we should have done the walkthrough the day after the sellers contacted us. We are just not able to handle so many leads. It is easy to scrap leads that are not motivated and filter out only motivated leads. But I tell you, the sheer number of motivated leads coming in is just crazy. We have honestly been on the lookout for a rock-star wholesaler but it has been rough. We need someone that already knows how to do it. We just keep coming across people that want to learn.  We simply have no time to train people…

After several weeks of looking, we decided to train this guy we found. He wanted to start learning how to do wholesaling and flipping houses. This person is actually a buyer of one of the houses we flipped. He liked our work and wanted to be involved. We have started training him to do walkthroughs. So we are thinking about sending him out to take pictures of this property. Jess is currently training him on this. Let’s see how that goes.

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