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Sooo Here's The CATCH!

Believe it or not, I am EXTREMELY picky whom I work with.

You probably think that this translates to "only those with money" will get a talk with me, right? Now hear this!

I do not give a flying crap if you have money or not.

What I care about and the ONLY thing I care about is that 100% of my students rank #1, AND generate a ton of leads every single day!


Do a search for my clients. Check the videos I put out showing where my clients rank!

You either Rank #1 or you are LAST!

All these lousy SEO companies have reviews where their clients rave about ranking on the 1st page of Google...(ranking #7 or something). Are you friggin KIDDING?

This is NOT a walk in the park. If I pick you I am investing my time and effort into you to make absolutely SURE you rank #1. If you don't rank #1, it is MY reputation on the line!

I don't play with that! So fill in the survey by clicking the button below because if you can't respect my wishes to make sure you are worthy to invest time in, I sure as hell am not going to give you my time and expertise to help you dominate your market!

Again, I do not care if you don't make a dime a month. CAN you and WILL you put the effort into my program and take it seriously and finish the program?!

Now Then...

Here's Your Golden Ticket To DOMINATE!

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