Actionable Tips To Improve Your Credibility Score, SEO, And Lead Generation Part 1

How To Improve Your Real Estate Investing Website’s SEO & Credibility.


Everything Happens For A Reason.

OK this burns my eyes every time I read that sentence. I am a Man of Science. I don’t fall for that fate, everything happens for a reason crap. So let me explain what I mean by that forsaken sentence.

But first… I am constantly being asked for help with people’s websites.. sigh.. the price you pay for being famous, good, sexy, good looking, smart and sexy. Oh well…  you are hot or you are not, why fight it. OK enough of that. Here are some tips you should mind, for your website right now. Some things you can do right now to improve your SEO AND Lead Generation (NO they are not the same thing buttercup!)

As we all know… my website is the best website in the world. Duh.. why would you be here otherwise. As the best website in the world… (because it is made by gay fairies.. gay as in happy…. or did I just call myself a gay fairy…) the website is perfect. This means that everything on it has a reason and purpose.

So Everything on my site has a reason, a purpose. No filler. I put on my website, I test, and I either leave it or delete it and try something else. This includes video, text pictures, EVERYTHING! Absolutely no fillers! Everything I place on my website HAS a purpose, a reason, and a goal! So let’s start removing fillers! And there are a few I have noticed most of you do! So here is a list I PERSONALLY don’t think you should ever do. Let’s begin!

1. “We Are A Real Estate Solutions Company”

Do NOT put anywhere on your site that: “We are a real estate solutions company”, for POOP’s sake people, don’t even use the word “Solutions”! What the freak does that even mean? A solution would be, burn the house down and claim insurance money… or list with an agent… or give it away to your neighbor… NO! Say what you mean and mean what you say. “We are the friggin most badASS friggin cash buyers around. We are sexy, we have Large members.. (brains of course), and we are awesome at buying your house in cash without you having to pay agent fees.”

Stop trying to be interesting, elegant,  and focus more on being straight to the point and real yo! Here is the other one.

2. “We Are A Family Owned And Operated Company”

“We are a family-owned company”.. aww that’s cute! So you think you are special because your company is run by a family? Newsflash silly goose, every company is owned by someone’s family! Every company! Do you think a coconut runs Nike? Yeah… don’t do that man!

I would change that into we are a LOCAL house buying company. Do you really think someone will choose my competitors over me because their company is owned and ran by some dude that has a wife and a kid or 2? Uhh-No! They choose me because.. HAVE YOU FRIGGIN SEEN ME? I am SEXSEYUH!!!!

3. “Our Goal Is To Be The Solution To Your Real Estate Problems”

HA HA HA HA HA, you just insulted your seller and pretty much told them they are dumb stupid and ignorant and gullible! Yeah.. don’t do that. Tell them to flat out you’re here because you are a greedy poop trying to make money! Simple! Am I wrong?! Well OK then!

Ohhhh Those Damn Backlinks

Anyone into SEO will rant and swear by back-links. Back-links this, SEO back-links that. ENOUGH Already!! Back-links are crap…  well…  kind of. Let me give an example. One of you .. (well several of you…) took me up on my SEO consulting services, in Southern California. As we all know California is a tough market.

After just 1 month of applying what I am telling him to do, he ranks #3 for his keywords, has mini-links and the best part… he has ONLY 5 back-links…

which is the point for me telling you this? My secret to SEO success is to be 3 steps ahead of Google. In fact, I completely dismiss Google altogether. People think back-links are the poop! I say.. nope not anymore. Do you know what matters? Click-through Rate, Time On Page, People Interaction Metrics, People Bookmarking Your Website, Frequent and Repeat visit.

THESE are the things you should focus on (alongside those hated back-links which are in my honest opinion a fading fad!) Ohh you silly APE you are so full of horse apples! Ohh REALLY!? Well, hows about some proof…

So my client has just 5 back-links and is ranking 3rd in Southern California in just over a month. But let’s take a closer looks..

Take a look at Premier Property Buyers… and then check out the competitor ranking under him. Notice anything peculiar?

Do you know what PA and DA are?

Well, let me just quote this: DA stands for Domain Authority & PA stands for Page Authority. These are the metrics calculated by MOZ and are explained as below: Domain Authority: Domain Authority is a score measured by MOZ out of 100. It predicts how good any Website will rank in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).


Page Authority (PA)is a metric, developed by SEOMoz, to predict the ability for a specific page to rank in search engines. Page authority uses a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale. A high Page authority score means your page has the potential to rank well in search engine results.

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

SoDA is basically just telling you how strong the overall domain name strength is which predicts how it will rank in Google.  PA is the same thing but it measures how strong an individual page on your website is. So you ask, how is it that My client outranks his competitors when the competitor has a much better DA AND PA?

Well first, DA and PA are not actual Google metrics, they are MOZ metric, (MOZ being a company), and have nothing to do with Google. MOZ just writes an equation (algorithm) based on results that they see online and so find a way to predict Google‘s rankings. And quite accurately I may add.

So then you ask… well?? Why does my client outrank everyone else? Google trust my friend! Do SEO the right way, build an internet presence, have more visitors, have visitors stay on your site longer…. that does the trick. Obviously, backlinks are not a factor in this case WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING damn it!


Eric’s website went from your generic standard website to this: (Well just click the picture to check it out). This guy paid me a ton of money to be awesome to don’t copy damn it!

Something clean, credible unique, neat and is performing a lot better than before the changes. So if I can do it, so can you. Think and make things happen. Be original and apply the methods I discuss in this awesome blog! Or.. pay me a small fortune and I will consult you too!… maybe!!

What is Below the Fold, Stays Below The Fold

Well if whatever you have above the fold sucks… Way what?? Dude Pay attention damns it “The Fold” … hmmm, how to explain this. Load a website, any website and do not scroll down. Whatever you see on the screen is “above the fold”. To see further down from what you can currently see, you would have to scroll down with your mouse right? Well, that would be below the fold. So the fold is what you can see on that page without scrolling down.

Phew… now that we are all experts on folding… you need to have all your crucial information ABOVE the fold so people know exactly, and immediately what the website is about so they know within seconds if they are in the right place!

Dudes, seriously Get A Decent Logo

Have you noticed this too? 99% of all these crap investing websites have the same style of a logo? A cartoonish shape of a house/roof, sometimes with a chimney or window and the company written underneath? OK, so WHY do YOU still have this stupid logo?! Most of these sites are really horrible websites and thus horrible companies, and you purposely try to look like them.

Don’t know what I am talking about? Look at these random logos of other “We Buy Houses” Companies… All the same style, same feel, same same same.

If you as a seller dealt with one of these companies and lost their sight, and you tried a Google search to find them again, you wouldn’t recognize which logo it was you were dealing with.

Now here is the other example, but this time of something OMGAAAHH Amazing logo. I don’t know who these guys are but I can tell you, he must be SUPER sexy, smart, hot, beautiful, amazing fantastic because they definitely know what they’re doing… daaaamn

If you saw that logo ONCE.. and you lost it.. if you saw this logo again you would say “Ohh wow its “those guys” again”. You remember this logo! Moving on down the list of awesomeness…

Who The Hell Are You?!

You want people to trust you to deal with you, but you can’t show them who or what you are and what you are about? each what the hell are you thinking numbnuts! POST your ugly mutt for all to see dudes! Sheeesh!

Write something spectacular in your about us page and AGAIN… DO NOT SAY: “Our Goal Is To Be The Solution To Your Real Estate Problems”I WILL  FRIGGIN SLAP YOU!

You are here to make MONEY… “Ohh but also I want to help the poor sellers because…” NO YOU ARE HERE TO MAKE MONEY.. get out of here you stupid LIAR! “but no”..LIAR… “But”… LIAAAAAARRRR

And honestly, it goes way beyond a picture. The point here is credibility. Show you are an actual site, live, real people behind it…. so show anything and everything that demonstrates this. Believe it or not, I was the first person as far as I know that put my signature on my website. Yay for being original right? Before you know it everyone is doing the exact damn same thing.

Find Your Angle, Find Your Pitch

What is your angle, what sets you apart? Exploit that. So for us? ohh .. nothing… I am just the best test robotics evil scientist that worked for NASA, IHMC, and IIT. that all. BOOM I explain it and show pics of my awesome accomplishments and what does this all do? People stop doubting me and instead start being impressed. Doubt and concern made room for interest and intrigue.

Do you HAVE to be as awesome as I am do use this? YES! so tough luck… No kidding duh… you certainly do not have to be  NASA scientist to increase your credit score. Are you a stay at home mom? Great, SAY it in a good way. “I am a deadbeat mother that bets their kids to do the dishes so I don’t have to do it” is not the best way to say it.

Are you a firefighter? Say you love doing good deeds and you take integrity seriously. Turn whatever you are about into a weapon of awesomeness and drive your angle based on that.

Yo… Pimp Out Your Site… Yo

People usually put minimal effort into their home page and ZERO effort into the rest of the site. Come now… What the EFF dude. EVERY page should be spectacular. Customize every page on your site. Every page a surfer clicks should impress them more than the previous page they just left. This not only drives more conversions, but people stay longer on your site and interact more. That means higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, which means higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, which means higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, which means higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, which means higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, which means higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, which means higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, which means higher rankings on Google, which means more leads, … get it?

This is what happens when you take every page on your site seriously:

What… you think it is magic I rank so high? Pfffft Now the question remains… when are you done? When do you stop? Ohh you are adorable… NEVER! You are never done… BUT… here is when you step back a bit…

When your site in your honest opinion is better than all the other sites you have seen… good job. You are ready to unleash it to the world with DMM, PPC, or whatever marketing you want to do. Be honest though, does your site still suck? are you biased? FIX IT!